To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship. ~Domenico Cieri Estrada

The dynamism of relationships through out our life is a very constant phenomenon. Any relationship when it starts at any juncture of life has its own inherent value. Provided the people involved in the relationship has the mind to understand the depth. People here on earth live through their relative relationships only. Relationships are relative as every individual relationship has different meaning even to the peoples involved in it. For instance, in a marital relationship the two individuals may be of same temperament (very rare or almost impossible as two individuals are never alike) or may be of different temperament which is very common. So the relationship itself retains different level of need/understanding for the main two people involved in it. Likewise in other relationship the same thing applies. The need, age factor, understanding, dependency, depth, individual space, feelings, maturity etc may be of different expectations and level for the people involved in the relationship.

There are many perspectives of relationships. Relationships used to be of different value in the past or for our senior people. Earlier whole aspect of any relationship used to be different. The factors on which the foundation of any relationship based used to be unlike present preconditions. The educational background used to differ with the financial expectations in the past. The earning capacity, family type, social environment, economic condition etc used to be much simple and easier compared to present cut throat competitive world. The joint family system used to be the reason of many benefits which today's nuclear family system don't provide. There used to be much stronger emotional bonding between the family members as well as social system compared to present world. Basically relationships used to be deep rooted earlier compared to the present time.

There are positive and negative sides if we compare the earlier state of relationships and present state. Earlier the divorces, live-in-togethers, crèches, old age homes etc used to be lesser compared to present time. Now these all are very common. There are many positive sides like higher women literacy ratio with service holder as well as women professionals are in higher trend. But the economic independence is also one of the many reasons of countless negative effects like the rise in divorces etc. Divorce affects the concerned family, spouses and if there are children then its worse. Now there is hardly any sector of profession/occupation which is left to the men alone. But the crime ratio is also alarmingly in higher trend.

Any relationship for matter of fact goes through a tremendous change process with time and this does not matter whether it is needed by the persons concerned or not. But this change process in all kinds of relationship is kind of a default setting or set in auto mode to be specific. It does not depend on the willingness of the people concerned in the relation. We all experience the change in the relationship with our own parents from the time we used to be babies then kid then the time we are gown up people. First we are dependent on our parents and then one time comes when they become dependent on us. So this is a very clear cycle of the particular parent -children relationship. But there is always a change cycle in every relationship. With time as the maturity level of people grows up the level and depth of relationship should also grow. Some times maturity and in-dependency/dependency factor may lead to distances or closeness in relationships as people involved may realize that their priority and choice is different. Lucky are those people in a relationship who has the same level of mental temperament.

The dynamic attribute of any relationship may be a source of appeal even for the relationship itself. A predictable and monotonous manner in any kind of relationship may lead to distances to the people concerned. But a warm and positive random approach in any relationship leads to a strong bond therein for the individuals. Little surprises, expressions, emotions can lead to a sea change in all kind of relationship. Many a times people do not express the depth and meaning of a relationship in their life for some silly reason like ego, self-esteem etc. But when the particular relationship goes through a difficult phase then only the negative value of all egos, anger, self-esteem etc is felt but then sometimes it may be too late to realize the mistake.

So when we are in a relationship we must value the depth and positive influence of it in our life. Everybody plays different role of daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend, Aunty, Student, teacher etc in case of Women and husband, son, brother, friend, Uncle etc in case of Men. There may be numerous relationships maintained by the same person to different people and the value of each may differ. But one should try to prioritize the value of relationship and act accordingly for a more simple and meaningful life. One should always remember that it is very easy to break a relationship but it's hard to retain the same. It's easy to build a new relationship but too difficult to restore a broken relationship. So before breaking a relationship one should think the value of it in life and should put hundred percent efforts to retain it as PEOPLE LIVES ONLY THROUGH RELATIONSHIP in this world. A dead person also lives in this world through the memory of the family/relatives/friends long after the death. A warm and affectionate relationship goes a long way.
So the enthusiasm of every relationship we have should strengthen us for the most colorful days on this beautiful world. The natural relationship like our immediate family which we do not choose should also be cherished as added warmth makes a lot of difference to make life more beautiful. Some times a negative incidence makes us aware the value of relationship more then any positive time. To extract the positive out of negative situation is the secret of strength in the dynamism of relationship.

The clandestine magic of any relationship is the zing of life which if understood is the main essence to live on. People who can keep up to the dynamics of any relationship itself for them, world as well as life as a whole is easier and much exciting to enjoy. Let us enjoy our relationship more to live more even after our death......!!!!!!

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