"Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword." ............Robert Bulwer-Lytton

Mentioned above is an old proverb, but it is evergreen and always brings a unique feeling to my heart...somewhat nostalgic! Yes............it reminds me always of the first pen I had in my life.

With so much nostalgia, I still remember the day my father had gifted me with my first PEN...!!!! To be honest ...I felt like a real princess. It had felt like a new journey towards LIFE as a whole. I was very excited. I still remember that I had looked out of the window near my study table and stared outside to the evening sky for a long time as I was thinking what to write with my first PEN for the first time. Then I decided to write my name.....what best it could have been to start with? It was a memorable incident in my life......though may be many of you are thinking what so big and exciting thing about it.....right? Before that we used to write with a pencil. Many events in life makes you GROW and you go ahead, leaving behind only some memories. The journey towards the PEN was also a fervent wait for growth and I had been waiting for the moment to hold a PEN in my hand like all other grown up persons around me. I had been reading and heard many a times the phrase that "the pen is mightier then the sword" and I had felt like a real warrior princess holding the PEN in my hand. I was all ready to win the battle of words with the world in life......those thoughts had been playing exactly in my mind that evening. These feelings might have crossed many minds and other way round; these may sound really very worthless for so many other minds. But it had always been very important for me.

My special Pen was a bright maroon color 'wing chang' pen with a golden color cover. That is still the most gorgeous pen for me though I had lost it during the voyage of life. It had been always the greatest loss for me. But then I decided to write an obituary for my beloved and most special PEN. It had a hooded nib and squeeze ink filler. I still can almost sense the existence of it and feel the very touch of that special pen and its texture in my hand. My middle finger of the right hand still has the light dark mark which had been made by that pen during many sleepless nights for the numerous preparations, endless practices of sums and my other school subjects. In fact my right hand first finger and middle finger had taken a different shape for my writing habit; which though I can only see as it's a slight different shape but it's the gift of the grounding to face the world and life as a whole. That Pen was the constant companion of that special expedition into the world of knowledge in my own capacity.

I just fell in love with that special Pen and for that matter I am keen on writing....to pen anything.... (though for my eyes only) from that time onwards. Those days were different....those times were different........different from all aspects...though we all know so many words but if we be honest to ourselves we all will feel shortage of words to describe our childhood days. Here is an attempt to remember the influence of those golden days in our present and to remind the next -generation the importance of life in real sense. The electronic gadget culture of mobile calls, SMS, MMS, email, Video Calls etc is making current world smaller and very mechanical. But the smell of a handwritten letter before one opens and the thrill to read it....... is something which the present techno savvy age group is missing. I do feel sympathy for the new generation kids who don't know the value of life in raw form. For them the ultimate kick of life is adventure sports and entertainment sources. But life in raw form may be something which is most striking and even can be more worth living with small thrills which are not kind of life taking but may be breathtakingly beautiful. At least I am grateful to God that I have been blessed with the opportunity to feel the thrill of opening a letter with well-known handwriting of my best friend. I still very fondly remember those days and moments of lettering so many endless feelings of growing up days to my best friend with my special pen. Now though I am more used to the computer key - board/mails/sms etc but very honestly I still long to hold THAT SPECIAL PEN in my hand once more. If only it would have been possible....! Sometimes money can't buy you the pleasures of memories which are worth reminisce thousand times till you are blessed to think and feel. It's the empty feeling in the core of the heart for those golden days we passed and these little memories which never fail to make life more beautiful. I don't know if any part of my beloved pen still exists somewhere in this world but in my heart I miss that special PEN so much so many times which had made a profound spot in my young mind that time!!!!!!

About Author / Additional Info:
This is an obituary for my beloved PEN. My feelings to the special pen with which I started my writing journey from the time I can still so clearly remember.