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Author: Sybil Shearin

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About Me: I am a published author and writer. I also write poetry and have one website completed on the internet. It is called Rose Petals Poetry. I am starting another as well. Watch for it.

Articles by Sybil Shearin:
  • Post Polio Syndrome More Devasting Than Fibromyalgia ( 2972 reads)   

    In the 40's and early 50's the Polio epidemic hit America and it hit me as well. It didn't just hit and run. It hit and came back when I was about forty years of age. Doctors today still know very little about Post Polio or how to help those of us who are still victims. Post Polio is much more devasting than Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Listen to the words from one who knows Post Polio well. - Category: Health
  • Death Bed Confessions ( 2734 reads)   

    I knew a man who drank alcohol all of his life and lived it as a drunk. He never lived a sober moment. Then he developed cancer and began to lose weight. The doctors did all they could to help but they could not heal this man. Moments before his death he asked for a preacher to come and to lead him into the sinners prayer. He wanted to be sure he entered the gates of glory. The minister came and spoke with him. He accepted Jesus knowing he was dying and death was imminent. God forgives the worst of sinners but what a waste of a human life. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Mr. Swiggles Monkey Business ( 3921 reads)   

    There was one store that everyone young and old enjoyed. It was Mr. Swiggles pet shop for he always kept the most amazing animals ever in his little home away from home. On any given day one could find people wandering through the aisles either contemplating buying a pet or stocking up on all sorts of pet food and equipment. Mr. Swiggles prided himself in his great variety of pets for people. He had exotic fish, turtles, snakes, kittens, dogs, monkeys, hamsters, rabbits, mice and birds of every color. Along with the pets he always kept anything one would need to provide for that pet and of course many tales added freely. - Category: Pets
  • A Polio Victim Still ( 3904 reads)   

    Polio is still a very deadly virus. Though it is almost dead in the United States many other countries are still being affected. One result from the Polio virus is Post Polio Syndrome which comes back later for more of you. - Category: Issues
  • Snitch the Witch ( 4393 reads)   

    Being so greedy and acting so wicked, the witch had become very careless. She was So busy stealing from others she had not noticed a mother eagle building a nest for her young just between the stone cottage and the jagged rocks over head. For days the father and the mother eagles brought things to build the nest for their baby birds. - Category: Entertainment
  • Can You Save Your Child From Satan's Gripping Hand? ( 6107 reads)   

    The demon can hide for a season, make a short appearance at times or literally control one to the point of destroying that person by whatever means. Its main mission is to destroy the mind of a person by using a driving method such as causing a person to literally starve themselves to death. - Category: Religion
  • The Red Hoodoo Bag ( 2627 reads)   

    Deep in the Mississippi Bayou was a lady who still brewed the cauldron. Her name was known well around those parts and I was curious enough to see if she could really whip up a batch for me. - Category: Religion
  • The Boogie Man is Coming! ( 3157 reads)   

    Sometimes children fear things they cannot see. Monsters lurk under beds or in closets. Blood thirsty faces look through windows and fear becomes a horrible nightmare to a child. - Category: Issues
  • No Cure For Post Polio Yet! ( 3568 reads)   

    Polio is a disease we seldom hear about anymore. Scientist gave diligently saving many from this crippling disease and we are so blessed. Now unfortunately we have Post Polio Syndrome another uninvited guest to those of us who lived through the nightmare. - Category: Health
  • A House Possessed! ( 2675 reads)   

    This is a true account of what happened to my family. Possession by evil spirits is a subject not to be taken lightly. Evil spirits are very real and very dangerous. - Category: Religion
  • Did God Give Gifts to Psychics? ( 3541 reads)   

    Many people feel that psychics cannot be Christians and that Christians should not use their gifts to help others. This is far from the truth. Christians can be gifted in the psychic area and some people who claim to be psychics are only trying to deceive others. How do we tell the difference? - Category: Religion

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