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Author: Sreekumar K

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City: Trivandrum | State: Kerala

About Me: I am a 48 year old male teaching English at a school. I like to write stories and poems.

Articles by Sreekumar K:
  • Beyond the Utmost Bound ( 3219 reads)   

    Learning is like falling in love. It is beautiful. After all what is the difference? - Category: Writing
  • The Funeral ( 2840 reads)   

    This is a poem about the new world of disloyalty - Category: Writing
  • Article 377 (Skies Belong to Others) | POEM ( 3551 reads)   

    This is a poem about two men falling in love with each other and comments on some of the currents intolerance in our society - Category: Men
  • A Prayer: God Always Listens | POEM ( 3415 reads)   

    This is a poem which was inspired by my own life, its ups and downs and mostly downs - Category: Religion
  • Last Words of a Dead Language | POEM ( 3683 reads)   

    The Bo language, Aka-Bo (also known as Ba), is an extinct Great Andamanese language. It was spoken on the west central coast of North Andaman and on North Reef Island of the Andaman Islands in India. The Aka- at the beginning of the language name is a common Great Andamanese prefix for words related to the tongue, which includes language. Boa Sr., the last person who remembered any Bo, died on 26 January 2010, at the age of approximately 85. - Category: Writing
  • Intolerance: Story For a Movie ( 2584 reads)   

    This is based on a real life incident in which a wife who thought she was being cheated prayed for the death of her husband's friend who was sick. We hate people even when we don't know people. - Category: Writing
  • Inside Out (A Poem About Self Discovery) ( 2837 reads)   

    This is a poem dedicated to Jacintha Morris who rediscoverd herself with courage and is all set and ready to put it into her writing - Category: Others

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