Intolerance: Story for a Movie

A man and a woman (Shamla) come to see Alosius, an entomologist. They don't speak Malayalam well but the stranger renews some long lost friendship and requests for shelter for a single night. Together they revive some old memories and the stranger is keen on doing it more and more.
Everyone goes to sleep and later we see the stranger waking up later kissing the woman and quietly walking out.

The next day's morning news says that the stranger was killed in the next town.
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Alosius, has some problems with his wife. His wife, Smitha, a forefront journalist finds her husband behaving strangely and trying to hide something. He is actually trying his best to protect the girl from the militants and the police. One day he has no other way but to take her home since his car breaks down. He tells his wife that the girl used to be part of militant group and is wanted by both the police and the militant group. He lies to her that he will take her back to her brother the next morning and the next morning he leaves with her. But at the press she finds that the girl's brother had dies sometime back. This creates a tension between them and Smitha traces out the childhood connection between her husband and Shamla. Smitha reacts violently and a rift between them begins. Alosius gets a dream assignment to go on a butterfly survey and he decided to take Shamla along with her since there is no place to leave her. Smitha does not know this and Alosius assures her that Shamla has gone to North India. Smitha finds out from a travel agent that Shamla is still with Alosius. Smitha thinks of tipping off the police about Shamla but she doesn't do so since it would get her own man also into trouble. She talks to a friend about it and she suggest to her to resort to occult. She does so.

Shamla's life is threatened by some strangers too. As Shamla gets more and more into trouble and Alosius' plans to protect her fails, Smitha is reveling in her vengeance.

Those who are stalking Shamla are tipped off by the police that it is Alosius who protects her. They threaten Alosius who goes into hiding with Shamla. They are in a deep forest and Shamla's falls sick. She tells Alosius that he should leave her and go back to his family. Alosius refuses to do so. Shamla says that she feels it is time for her to surrender. She is not surrendering before her enemies but before the Almighty. Shamla asks him to take her to a hospital.

Once in town, Shamla leaves Alosius and goes to her militant group. When she is about to surrender, she is shot by the police. The militants are all rounded up after a shootout. Shamla is badly hit. The police make it look like an attempt on Shamla's life and this gives Shamla a chance to be considered a victim of the militants rather than one among them. Alosius is praised for protecting her.

Smitha's news paper decides to run a story on Shamla and Smitha takes upon herself to do the job. Her own motive is to confront Shamla in person and mortify her even more. She gets to be with Shamla every day privately for an hour. In the beginning, Smitha is wreaking her vengeance on Shamla. But she also has to be professional and so, she listens to Shamla's story of torture and abuse at the hands of the militants. Her editors ask her to add more and more punch to her initial reports, but as days go by she sees herself in Shamla's position and her reports become more and more moving.
Shamla and Shamsudeen were bothers. Their patents ran a bakery n Gujrat. They were killed by their own neighbours. The children escaped and were taken to a shelter. At the shelter, they learned Malayalam from an ayah. They were very close to her and her giving them special consideration always got her into trouble. She was like a mother to them and she spoke only Malayalam to them and so the children's mother tongue was Malayalam in a way. They even spent some time in Kerala and met Alosius. The ayah was suddenly taken ill and died. The children sensed trouble and ran away from the shelter. They kept moving and once Shamsudeen had to fight a person who tried to molest his sister. Seeing his fierce nature, a seemingly good natured man took them with him and they were brought to Kerala where they grew up to be part of a militant group in North Kerala. They were used mainly as couriers. In a way they were also responsible for a bomb blast.

Shamsudeen was heartbroken when his sister fell sick. She needed an operation and he expected his co-militants to divert some funds to help him. But they only asked him to leave it in the hands of God. He asked them why they didn't leave other things in the hands of God. His questions made him a defector and he fled with his sister. He was betrayed by his own friends and got in the middle of a fake encounter shoot out. But was able to escape and leave his sister Shamla with Alosius, their Ayah's nephew.

Shamla's story wins the heart of many and it has a strong effect on the news paper's circulation to say the least. The whole nation prays for Shamla. Smitha, now a transformed person, patches up with Alosius.

And suddenly, whehn Shamla was doing fine she dies and the postmortem report shows an overdose of a certain medicine. The suspicion falls on Smitha too. The story of her own family problems almost gets into the newspaper. Shamla pleads with the editor not to publish it. As the inspector questions her, she has to confess how much she hated Shamla because of Shamla's closeness to Alosius. She says that no one, not even the militants had wished for Shamla's death as she had. When the police come to her doorstep she is ready to take up the blame. She says bye to Alosius.

But he police came to get her to identify the real criminal, a doctor who was connected to the militants.

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