Like a forlorn lover waiting for his girl
Long I waited for you and those like you

Gave up on you with no small grief
Took to other pastures none as green

Wanted to be with you my goddess
But you were always beyond my thoughts

Heard your anklets amidst the rustles
The pages made as I turned them over

Saw you in a flash during the lectures
Meant to enlighten my soul and mind

Got touched in my mind with fingers nimble
But lost it all when the dream was shattered

Jealous was I, bitter was my temper
Seeing those who were far ahead of me

Those who had already reached your shores
Sent back reports of your beauty and wealth

Burning the midnight oil, yearning for a glance
I peered into the darkness of my own ignorance

But Plato was wrong and the sages were right
Not knowing brought me no bliss at all

Like the Almighty you had no form or substance
They said I could see you everywhere I looked

Sitting in classrooms, reading those thick books
Mixing the solutions and reading the scales

There was never any leisure for me
I yearned for you, the soul of my desire

The words that I spoke left in my mouth
A sweetness which you had iced them with

You are the light that brightens my world
You are the angel that makes noise voice

I see you in everything, in nothingness too
Come into my heart, enrich my life

As the moonlight spreads a bed for me
And the Lethe within drowns me in sleep

I still wished for your presence, your smell
Your touch, your form and your voice

Earnest were my prayers, hard was my work
Sincere was my love, just was my cause

Parched tongue, withered hopes and battles long lost
Defined for me how hard it was to win you over

And then one day there came a man
A smile on his lips and a book in his hand

Along with him he had brought for me
A beauty more live than everything living

It dawned on me that the best thing to do
Was to form a rapport with the man who smiled

This I did and lo! at the speed of thought
The beauty was mine and I no more a beast

Time stood still and a thousand suns rose
Removing the darkness in my mind's horizons

Knowledge is not just power, but as Keats would have it
It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever and ever

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