The Funeral
This is a poem about the new world of disloyalty

People rushed in
Those who had heard
And those who hadn't
To see he who won't

He died a calm death
After serving the firm all his life
Some people thought it funny
Someone would show loyalty
At this age and these times

I had seen him in the park
During the first year he was here
Now the park isn't there
Neither is he

We had heard him talk
Tell us jokes and stories
The coffee tasted so good
With the anecdotes he shared
Now we all drink tea

Everyone knew him
As a good heart
No one knew
His heart would play such
A trick on him

In the hospital
Where they cut it open
The docs were shocked to see
A heart made of flesh
People had mislead them
Into believing it was of gold

The postmortem results
Are sure to come out now
We are all waiting to know
Whether we had a hand
In the murder

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