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Author: Samir Kumar

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Articles by Samir Kumar:
  • Bidding For Words!!! ( 2519 reads)   

    A fictional account of an auction. AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product. It allows the advertiser to bid for a key word in an online auction for the local and national Google server. Let's take a word 'Transformation'; most sought after word by most IT companies - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Magic Ball For IPL Bowlers ( 2940 reads)   

    Presenting; magic ball to help bowlers in IPL from the savage Mongoose cricket bat. The ball has an in built chip to allow bowlers to program the bowling plan for each batsmen based on the pitch. - Category: Entertainment
  • White House Talk ( 2485 reads)   

    The Indian Prime Minister Singh met President Obama on 11 April on the sidelines of Nuclear Security Summit. The attempt is to present a fictional account of the conversation between the two leaders. - Category: Politics
  • Creativity and Profession ( 3612 reads)   

    Each one of us is creative in our own way. An individual should recognize it and an organization should help create an ecosystem to nurture it. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Commitment and Career ( 2397 reads)   

    Are we committed to our jobs?? How can an organization deal help to increase the commitment level? Can it be measured like Satisfaction Surveys... - Category: Careers
  • The Tamasha Called Democrazy ( 3597 reads)   

    Democracy in a true Indian Style. Tamasha is a Hindi Word for ' Drama'. Intention is to discuss the various actors of this Drama played out in India. Hope you like it !!! - Category: Politics
  • The Pocket Singh Interview ( 2562 reads)   

    Bhola Singh has certainly impressed his bosses at BNN. He was asked to host a show 'Shoot at Talk'. An interview which promises to put some difficult questions to all the politicians. Excerpts from the interview with Pocket Singh - Category: Politics
  • Activism My Style!! ( 2766 reads)   

    Perils of cyberactivism. The story is simple and is played out every now and then whenever any unfortunate incident happens in our country (e.g. Ruchika Molestation case). I would be sitting infront of TV's in my drawing room. - Category: Others

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