Presenting; magic ball to help bowlers in IPL from the savage Mongoose cricket bat. The ball has an in built chip to allow bowlers to program the bowling plan for each batsmen based on the pitch. You can also select an inbuilt logic of speed management. This will allow you to select a slow ball at random interval. It also allows bowler to select a range of style from leg cutters, off cutters, full pitch, short pitch, bouncers, Yorkers etc. Each bowler can select such combinations up to four over.

If one does not select a bowling plan. The ball would start using the randomly generated style. This would mean that even though you are a fast bowler; once the ball is released it may pick up the spin selection. To people it may look like you tried to ball a Yorker but managed only a googly. Hence use this ball properly. Moreover this is a tamper proof ball. Never try to tamper the ball as the ball has bad temper. Any attempt to change pre match setting; it will start spinning vigorously and difficult to hold.

Shahid Afridi has agreed to be a brand Ambassador of this ball. He believes that this Magic Ball will discourage the instances of ball tampering in cricket. Others however are not excited about this ball. They feel that any ways bowlers have nothing to do in IPL most of the times. This ball will make them almost redundant. All they will now be doing is to run to the pitch 6 times with the Magic Ball.

IPL officials and team owners are however delighted. It means that in next season they can do away with some expensive bowlers. After all they are many domestic players who can run six times to the pitch. Many are already trained to run to the filed carrying water, gloves etc in international cricket. Quite often it is the only criteria on which selectors decide their fate for the next series. So even less known players with Magic ball can do the job.

Infact some marketing geniuses are thinking that why even waste money on Domestic Players. A Tamasha can be to run a contest and a lucky winner would be asked to play one IPL match. This will allow fans to involve more actively in sports and can reduce the costs as well.

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