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Author: Melea Agatha Silong

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About Me: Hi! I joined Saching last year but I stopped for a moment for my studies. Now I'm back with a different concept of writing. I am Melea, 14 and I am to share news and events from the Philippines

Articles by Melea Agatha Silong:
  • College Students Protested While Philippines President Aquino Speaks ( 3330 reads)   

    While Philippine President Benigno Aquino is having his speech, a group of college students interrupted and protested in front of the president. - Category: Politics
  • The Sunrise is Yet Too Far ( 2839 reads)   

    This is a speech I wrote and performed at school. I decided to post it her because it gives a lot of message to all Filipino Youth. But the difference is, the one I wrote is written in Tagalog so this is only a translation in English. - Category: Writing
  • Boy Shot Dead After Stealing a Side Mirror ( 4041 reads)   

    A boy shot dead on the highway after stealing a side mirror from a car that is owned by a practiced shooter. - Category: Others
  • Demolition Chaos in North Bound Lane, Philippines ( 2906 reads)   

    A chaos started at Northbound Lane along EDSA at 10am in the morning as authorities demolished the squater's area in the district. But it turned out to be a bloody one... - Category: Issues
  • Filipino Hostage Taker + Dead Chinese Nationalities = SOCIAL WAR ( 3704 reads)   

    Everyone certainly knew about the incident that happened in Manila Grandstand, Philippines last August 23. This tragedy leaded China and Philippines into a new kind of relationship.. not a good one. - Category: Others
  • Who is Noynoy Aquino? ( 3812 reads)   

    Noynoy Aquino is the only son of the heroic and historic couple Corazon Aquino (former president of the Philippines) ang Benigno Aquino (who fought for democracy). Noynoy is running for precidency and with his luck, he tops the surveys and the unfinished vote counts. But behind this very high descent in the society, who is Noynoy in real life? - Category: Politics
  • 2010 Philippine Elections: How Far Did It Go? ( 3163 reads)   

    Everyone awaited for the 2010 Philippine National Elections as the candidates held their breath while they wait for the results of the election. However, how far did the elections go with its changes? - Category: Politics

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