It seems like all teenagers are familiar with the line, "The Sunrise is Yet Too Far", for it came from a Philippine song that was admired by everyone. Every tune of the said song is well known by the youth. But, do all of us understands the message it wants to say?

I believe in the saying, the youth is the most important key in opening the door towards a bright future. But, does this so called, 'Hope of the Country' is deserving to be compared with a gold? Does a student who does not study while his parents shed sweat in the office is deserving to be called, 'Hope for the Country'? If this is what we call hope, what kind of future will the Philippines have? If this is what we call hope, then the sunrise is yet truly far.

Can we even replace PSP, Dota, Facebook and cellphone for books, papers, pencils and knowledge? If we are to base this with the current kind of youth we have now, no one would probably say, "Yes, I can!" But if I am to ask you right now and you'd answer me with a yes, just prove it with true actions and not with your tongue which loves to pretend.

They say that the youth is the voice of the society towards achievement. How will this happen if what the youth only cares for are the latest trends? We have so much time when it comes to thinking and planning of strategies in internet games and going to the mall. But the question is, is there still time and space in our mind to think good and dream high for our country?

If I am to base this to the current situation of the country, I can say that the morning is still far for all Filipinos. How can this sunrise come if a youth like me who'd be running the country in the future, does not even care on his surroundings? How can the sunrise be near, if in simply studying, some can't do good?

If this truly is the kind of youth we have now, the sunrise is still far for the country...

The End Of The Speech

I know that this does not sound good in English and my translation is not that good. But my point is, I want all the readers, Filipino or not, to understand what I mean and start a change. Maybe, spread the thoughts to the youth that they know and encourage them to do good for their own country. For someday, they would be standing on their own two feet in the middle of the battle... alone.

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