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Author: Juri Sharma

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About Me: A medical doctor with working experience in insurance and wellness industries , interested in writing articles on health related topics.

Articles by Juri Sharma:
  • Relevence of Hives. ( 3561 reads)   

    The article deals with a very common ailment, hives which has come almost once or twice or more to every individual. Hives or allergy can not only be related to common external factors or internal systemic causes but also to our emotional state. - Category: Health
  • Picky Eating: is It a Behaviour Or Disorder? ( 2172 reads)   

    This write up is about an insight of picky eating which is both prevalent in children as well as in adult. Previously not taken seriously or still not considered as one disorder, it has tried to touch on all possible causes and remedy of this very common issue. - Category: Health
  • Not Without My Sunglasses ( 2933 reads)   

    This article simply highlight each one of us the simple reasons about the daily requirement to wear protective eye wear in broad day light. How this daily habit can help us to keep our eyes healthy for a longer period of time. - Category: Health
  • I Am Flawed But Worthy! ( 3532 reads)   

    This article is based on our mental health. How we come across ourselves in our everyday life ? We can surely bring about a positive attitude, compassionate approach towards our thoughts of self doubts, self analysing, self criticizing towards positive change in our personality. - Category: Health
  • Can Aging Be Decelerated? ( 3700 reads)   

    Aging is a natural process. So it is impossible to go against nature. Still, leading a healthy lifestyle, adopting healthy habits, aging can be gracefully sobered. - Category: Health
  • Behaviour Change and Weight Loss! ( 4205 reads)   

    Most of us are health conscious, wants to lose weight and look good. Losing weight sometimes become necessity for medical reasons. But whatever be the reason, the best and simplest strategy of losing weight is to bring about behavioural change in us and adopt a method which does not compromises nutritional balance. - Category: Health
  • Crying, the Best Remedy? ( 4662 reads)   

    All about human being is emotions and expressive behaviours apart from logics and practicalities. Depending on the individual, emotions can be loud or subtle. This topic discusses the emotion of crying, its positive, negative impact and health benefits. - Category: Health
  • What Creeps Into Emotional Insecurity? ( 5007 reads)   

    This article discusses about the different causes which creeps into emotional insecurity in a person. The impact on his life, behaviour and also on the relationship around him. - Category: Health
  • Favourability of Processed Food ( 4234 reads)   

    This article is written just to make us aware about the different health impact that the body can have by using different processed food items. The best way is to maintain a balance between naturally found food and processed food in our daily routine. - Category: Health
  • Can Self Talking be a Healthy Practise? ( 4673 reads)   

    This article tries to explore the various means by which one can develop positive thinking, an appropriate mind frame through healthy practises of self talking. - Category: Health
  • My Daddy is Great! - Fatherhood Impact ( 5503 reads)   

    This article discusses the various impact and importance of father involvement in the child's upbringing and welfare. - Category: Health
  • Perks of Having Fibre Food ( 4449 reads)   

    The article discusses the different health benefits of fibre food, various types of fibres found in variety of food and daily quantity of intake. - Category: Health
  • Self Image: How Do I Perceive Myself? ( 7792 reads)   

    This article is an attempt to the understand the meaning of 'self image', its positive and negative side. It also discusses the importance of self image in one's life, its impact on one's success, failures and happiness. - Category: Health
  • In-house Pollution: A Health Scare ( 4399 reads)   

    The article discusses about the issue of in house air pollution and the various methods which can be adopted to tackle the issue especially in urban household. - Category: Health
  • Popping Up the Gum: Is It Really Good? ( 4917 reads)   

    Article discusses the positive and negative effects on health of a simple habit of chewing gum in our day to day life. The health effects greatly depend on the contents from which the gum is made. - Category: Health
  • Suicidal Tendencies: A Common Urban Phenomenon ( 3104 reads)   

    Today's society is very competitive. The pressure and stress of this competitive world is seen equally on both adults and young people. Unable to handle this stress, people sometimes get carried away and take extreme step like suicide. The article discusses small suggestions which can help us handle this stress situations. - Category: NoAd
  • Sobering Emotional Eating ( 3998 reads)   

    The article discusses emotional eating, understanding the disorder and trying out solution to tackle the issue apart from the standard line of therapy. - Category: Health
  • Cholesterol: Its Good Vs Bad Upshots ( 4231 reads)   

    This article discusses the various effects of good and bad cholesterol and how we can make ways to increase the good and reduce the bad cholesterol levels. - Category: Health
  • Importance of Physical Activity ( 5152 reads)   

    Nowadays, people are so busy in their hectic schedule that they hardly have time for any kind of physical activity and easily opt for sedantary lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity has become the most common risk factors of many major ailments. - Category: Health
  • Caffeine and Me ( 4105 reads)   

    This article discusses the various positive and negative effects on health on consumption of caffeine. - Category: Health
  • Why do we have Crazy Dreams? ( 4256 reads)   

    This article gives an insight about the various aspects of dreaming. Also dreams can have different meanings and at times can make our life more meaningful. - Category: Health
  • Grievous Effects of Fast Food: ( 4836 reads)   

    This reading is a short discussion about the various harmful effects which can have on our health due to frequent intake of fast food......... - Category: Health
  • Adolescent Fears and Phobias ( 3878 reads)   

    This is an article discussing the various fears and anxiety that the teenagers and children goes through their growing years... - Category: Health
  • Significance of Sleep Hygiene ( 4820 reads)   

    This article discusses the importance of sleep in our daily routine and the simple methods of sleep hygiene that one can practise to ensure a long disturbed sleep at night. - Category: Health
  • Aging Health Concerns: How to Cope Up With Them? ( 4080 reads)   

    This is a reading related to the different health issues concerning the elderly people and a discussion in coping up such issues with medical aid and social support system. - Category: Health
  • Why Depression is More Prevalent in Women? ( 3366 reads)   

    The reading is about understanding depression in women and the various causes relating to it. Also, there is discussion of some of the ways and therapies for management of depression. - Category: Health
  • Importance of Dietary Antioxidants: ( 2981 reads)   

    A short discussion on the understanding of what are antioxidants, their various benefits to human beings and the dietary sources. - Category: Health
  • Coping With Asthma: ( 2895 reads)   

    We come across very often in our every day life with people around us who suffer from Asthma. Yes, this is an incurable condition but with proper management, people with this condition can lead a normal life like us. - Category: Health
  • Detoxification: Is This Really Essential For Our Body? ( 2541 reads)   

    As soon as we step out of our house, we are exposed to some kind of environmental pollution. There are many hazardous toxic substances and allergens in the environment which can be the risk factors of many illnesses. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used for farming has been also a worrying factor which can lead to accumulation of toxins in our body via food. Many hazardous chemicals like lead, arsenic or mercury are the waste products of many industries. People working in heavy metal industries are exposed to various toxins on regular basis. Hence, there are a number of means by which we are exposed to toxic substances in one way or the other. Toxins are also responsible for various illnesses like allergies, respiratory infections, asthma, digestive disorders, mental illness and also cancers. So, many people feel that detoxification can be very beneficial for our body to eliminate our body toxins and rejuvenate our body for overall good health. - Category: Health
  • What is Healthy Lifestyle ? ( 4928 reads)   

    Nowadays, every time we visit a Physician, a dietician or in a Gym, we are asked to lead a healthy lifestyle. I keep wondering what they actually means by 'healthy lifestyle'. Lifestyle, as we know attributes to our routine life both at home and workplace. So perhaps a healthy lifestyle would mean leading a life with healthy habits that would attribute to both physical and psychological wellbeing. Maintaining a lifestyle with healthy eating habits, enough physical activity, handling our day to day stress with ease and curtailing from bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or drug abuse can help to reach our path of healthy living. But why is healthy lifestyle so important. In today's times, very often at an early age, we hear people around us suffer from heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, cancer and so on. And the worst part is that most of these illnesses are not short lived but perhaps lifelong. So, indeed maintaining healthy lifestyle has become the utmost important thing in today's times. - Category: Health
  • Drooling in Adults: is It Normal? ( 31636 reads)   

    Drooling is common with infants and young children. But it is quite embarrassing and at times frustrating for an adult to drool. In baby's development drooling occurs normally as they lack muscular control. It mostly occurs during teething. Sometimes excessive drooling may appear in babies due some disease condition or complications like infections, throat pain, any sore in the mouth or nausea. Again infants and children normally drool during sleep, but some adults too drool during sleep. Moreover, drooling in case of adult is not always normal. Drooling can be quite common in adult while sleeping. But when awake, drooling in adult can not only be embarrassing but very uncomfortable leading to social and mental burden. - Category: Health
  • Nocturia: Is this a Disorder or an Aging Issue? How to Cope Up? ( 3191 reads)   

    Disturbed sleep at night time can be immense frustrating. If this problem is due to frequently being awake for urinating is even more annoying. This frequent urination at night is due to a sleep disorder which in medical terminology is known as Nocturia. This is a very common sleep disorder. Though it can be found in any age group but is usually more common with aging. When we start aging, our body produces less of an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) that helps us to retain fluid. As this hormone becomes less in our body, we produce more urine at night. Another reason is that, as we age further, the bladder also tends to lose holding capacity hence the problem of more frequent urination. - Category: Health

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