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  • Rottweiler Training, Guarding and More ( 3843 reads)   

    One of the things rottweilers were bred for was guarding, so they have genes to make them good guard dogs. They range in size from 90 to 130 pounds and have a tendency to be reserved around strangers. Due to their size rottweilers have large, powerful jaws. Rottweiler training can produce a good guard dog. - Category: Pets
  • Origin and History of Rottweilers ( 2871 reads)   

    Rottweiler dogs originated in the city of Rottweil situated on the banks of the River Neckar, Germany, famous for their cattle markets. They were bred to herd and protect cattle and their owners on their journey between markets. While they may be of ancient decent, their true history in those times remains unclear. - Category: Pets
  • Hip Dysplasia in Rottweilers ( 4151 reads)   

    The general care and well being of your Rottweiler dog requires more than just grooming, feeding and housing of them although these are the basic requirements and responsibilities of all pet owners. Owners of this breed must pay particular attention to their needs and qualities and work towards keeping them active with some training to develop their natural abilities. - Category: Pets
  • Can the Rottweiler Make a Good Family Dog? ( 5324 reads)   

    If you're looking for a great family dog, the Rottweiler would probably not be your first choice. They are often regarded as serious dogs, and at times even dangerous. This is because they have always been known as excellent guard dogs, and you can be sure that they will be protective of your home and your family. What not a lot of people realize is that they can also be funny, warmhearted dogs, but this is only if their owners are able to set the right expectations and be able to train them from the beginning. - Category: Pets
  • Special Needs For Senior Dobermans ( 3619 reads)   

    Camille Goldin shares her thoughts about special needs for older Dobermans. Learn more about taking care of old dogs. - Category: Pets
  • Health Issues in Dobermans Dogs ( 7226 reads)   

    Very frankly, Dobermans, in general, are not too strong in the health department. This is mainly because of large scale breeding by breeders who are only after making money and not concerned about improving the breed, in general. - Category: Pets
  • Ear Cropping in Doberman Pinschers ( 3614 reads)   

    Ear cropping has been a long tradition along with tail docking of this breed, which is both performed strictly for cosmetic reasons. It was initially done to avoid having their ears grip onto during an attack. Owners also believed that by ear cropping their dog it would enhance their hearing abilities as guard dogs. There have been many discussions in regards to the necessity of ear cropping and what is regarded as standard in this breed. - Category: Pets
  • Doberman Pinscher Training - Train Your Dog For Agility ( 5375 reads)   

    For most people, Dobermans are often seen as fierce, scary dogs who will bite your kids and your leg the minute you come near them, but they are actually very sweet and loyal dogs. Doberman Pinscher Training, especially for agility, should not be difficult if you are able to start early in puppy training. This would be the period wherein they can really absorb what you're teaching them, so puppy training from about a few months is ideal. - Category: Pets
  • The Hound Characteristics of Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs ( 5007 reads)   

    Many recognize Rhodesian Ridgebacks for their unmistakable physical appearance. As stated by their name, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have become well known for the distinct ridge on their back. But in reality, what Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be really known for is the fact that they are one of the few dog breeds that are essentially the perfect mix of a hard working dog and loving family companion. - Category: Pets
  • Training Collars For Cardigan Welsh Corgis ( 5608 reads)   

    Surprisingly, not a lot of dog owners are aware of the fact that there are a multitude of dog training collars available for Cardigan Welsh Corgis. We have flat collars, slip collars, Prong and Martingale collars, and of course e-collars or shock collars. - Category: Pets
  • Welsh Corgi Training Schedule ( 3476 reads)   

    Unfortunately when you go to purchase a Welsh Corgi puppy, they don't come already trained. Welsh Corgi Training is predominantly about communication, so you will need to teach them what's right and wrong with a structured teaching system that includes rewards and corrections. One of the main methods used is divided into 3 stages, motivation, correction and distraction. - Category: Pets
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Herding ( 3738 reads)   

    Cardigan Welsh Corgis are slightly bigger than Pembroke corgis. Among the two dog breeds, the Cardigan has an older ancestry; they are characterized by longer brushy tail with its front legs slightly bowed under the chest. This breed had been brought by early Celtic migrants to Cardiganshire, Wales. It comes from the Teckel dog breed, the same family that Dachshunds belong to. - Category: Pets
  • A Proper Diet For Cardigan Welsh Corgi ( 6470 reads)   

    While the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an absolutely gorgeous, funny and quite amazing breed that enjoys giving a lot of love and affection, they also require a lot of care and attention. This includes a proper diet for your pet, and this should be one of the primary steps towards ensuring their health and longevity. - Category: Pets

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