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Author: raghu yadaganti

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About Me: iam raghu yadaganti working as assistanant professor in marketing at sir vishveswaraiah institute of science and technology, having 5 years of experience pursuing PhD under guidance of Dr.c.s.g. krishnamacharyulu

Articles by raghu yadaganti:
  • Interpersonal Communication - Motives, Styles and Theories ( 4285 reads)   

    Interpersonal personal communication is defined as the communication that occurs between people who have known each other for some time, Interpersonal communication is inescapable, irreversible, complicated, contextual, These articles provides information regarding interpersonal communications models and communication model - Category: Management

    In Corporate Interview employer is concerned about giving candidate Job in his Organisation who is equipped with proper qualification, positive attitude, and positive interest in the company, reasonable stability, purpose with the clear mind, pleasant communication skills, performance and result oriented. . This article provides guidelines which make the candidate success in interview - Category: Others
  • Process of Oral and Written Communication ( 2711 reads)   

    It is very important to students to know about the process of oral communication and the way to go for presenting orally. And it is also important to know about process of written communication and the words to be used and not supposed to be used. The articles provides the information about the planning, organizing , delivering and controlling of oral and written communication - Category: Management
  • Steps in Compensation Management ( 6645 reads)   

    Compensation Management highlights the way how the employee is fairly compensated. Compensation refers to all forms of financial returns and tangible service and benefits employee receive a part of employment relationship. - Category: Management
  • Product Life Cycle ( 2545 reads)   

    Life span the product passes through different phases as human life passes through different stages. In human life cycle starts baby, child, adult and old age. In product life cycle starts with introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage. But there is a differention is in case of human cycle we can't say re-birth but in product life cycle there is a chance of re-birth - Category: Others
  • Motivating Factors And Problems Faced By Women To Start Business ( 4265 reads)   

    many factors which made women to start business and the women's are facing lot of problems in starting business like family support, competition and cultural constraints, especially today rural women . primary objective is to show the factors (push& pull) which made them to start business, the problems faced by women in starting business and which we can drive to develop solutions - Category: Women
  • FDI In Retailing - The Road Ahead ( 3135 reads)   

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) is no longer questionable as it is recognized as an imperative driver of growth in the country. With its huge population, growing market, short supply of products and services, India requires external capital to accelerate economic development. However, policy makers are asked to show restraint in making decisions on the extent and areas of investment. The recent decisio - Category: Finance

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