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About Me: Hi, my name is Loic, for a limited time, i am giving away a free ecourse on dog's health. there you will be giving tips and tricks on how to keep your dog healthy.

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  • Heated Dog Houses: Are You Looking For a Way to Heat Your Dog House? ( 3868 reads)   

    So you want an insulated dog house or better yet, a heated dog house. What you would want to do is use the different techniques available out there to make sure that the dog house is warm during the winter. Let see the options that you have. - Category: Pets
  • Insulated Dog House - the Best Material You Should Go For ( 5392 reads)   

    Get to know the best material to choose when buying a dog house. Dogs are very popular pets and they are found in almost in every household. The fact remains that a lot of dogs may not have their own private place like a dog house to stay in. - Category: Pets
  • Dog Joint Pain: 7 Things You Can Do to Alleviate the Pain ( 5847 reads)   

    Dog joint pain is the kind of pain that a dog experiences on the joints. Dogs, just like humans, are known to develop pains in their joints as they grow old. A lot of different dog breeds tend to suffer from this matter as they grow old. One of the most popular causes of the joint pain is dog arthritis. If you believe your dog is going through joint pains, there are specific signs you can try to spot to confirm your suspicion. - Category: Pets
  • Dog Heart Worm Symptoms - The Most Notable Symptom To Look Out For ( 4236 reads)   

    Are you wondering whether or not your dog has heart worm? This article gives you the most notable symptom to look out for. - Category: Pets

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