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Author: Femi Omotoyinbo

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City: Akungba-Akoko | State: Ondo state, Nigeria

About Me: -Femi Omotoyinbo is a young African writer, a international career coach, currently working with Rosey International (

Articles by Femi Omotoyinbo:
  • First Ladyship: A Shadow of Democratic Misconception ( 3928 reads)   

    Democracy has been injected into almost all political circles by the cataclysmic forces of globalization. Whether it pays us or not is now out of question: for it is too late to cry when ones head is chopped off. Rather, what is of relevance is that if a toad is necessary for supper, then let it be a fat one. If Democracy is what is really embraced then let it be practised without dilution. - Category: Issues
  • Let us Give Them a Dream ( 4480 reads)   

    By nature, man is born frail and weak. When a lamb is born it is already enabled to follow its mom to any length. A lioness does not need a trolley to push its cub about; the cub is strengthened enough to for any race. There have been children, orphans and the destitute all round that have not been given attention or care. These people need help, they need a dream. - Category: Issues
  • Smile - The Most Ingenious Gimmick ( 2471 reads)   

    With the initiation of globalization and modernization things have not been the same anymore. The worldliness of the world now dangles on probability; hollow dimples may harbor fangs, friendly lip twitching may turn fiendish. Genuine smiles are now lost to the antiquity or restricted to the womb of an eternal heavenly tomorrow! We are now in a world where smiling is human but to divine is divine. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • A Historical Overview of Plato's Science- Part 2 ( 3905 reads)   

    After knowing the nature of Science itself and also that of the Greek, it is proper to move straight into the Science of Plato proper. In another words, a reader of this article must first read the part 1 so as to comprehend it fully. A little step further will give an answer to the question whether Plato is scientific indeed. - Category: Education
  • A Historical Overview of Plato's Science- Part 1 ( 3062 reads)   

    This article was at the early stage a term paper for a first semester course; PHL 317 Greek Philosophy in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba -Akoko (, Philosophy and Religious studies department by the Author, Omotoyinbo Femi and three Co-presenters- Ajiwo Abu, Olatunji Tunmise and Ajayi Peter. Although, it was the group work with the least number of participants; it was regarded as the best academic work, amidst numerous term papers. Despite the subsequent bamboozle in the award of grades; the paper survived for the sake of any academic quest into the scientific thought of Plato. - Category: Education
  • Rebranding Nigeria Project- A Philosophical Survey ( 4125 reads)   

    Could the untimely death of the most patriotic and democratic President of Nigeria- Late Umaru Musa Yar'adua-be a sufficient case for the demise of the re-branding Nigeria project? Or is it just a way to acquire fame for unpatriotic heroes? If all these cases are not valid then what should be the case? - Category: Issues
  • Economy Begins at Home ( 2640 reads)   

    This piece, presented in an exactly logical style and beautiful diction aims to evoke reversal in the erroneous mentality of the average people who finds themselves confused and stranded due to lack on this planet Earth, a planet which is part of a world formed from Nothing. In fact, you will get every solution in this piece if it will evoke thoughts inside you, which I am sure it will do. Then you will know this is a length of substance not garbage. - Category: Self-Improvement

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