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  • Early Childhood Best Time to Teach Children Dental Care ( 2744 reads)   

    Babies need good dental care at home and professionally, just like everyone else. Your child's first teeth would be healthy and growing in the right places if dental intervention is given early. - Category: Health
  • Looking For Solutions to Medical Problems ( 2398 reads)   

    A doctor recalls the ideal situation in US hospitals' emergency rooms and compare it to the deteriorating situation now in most US hospitals. It is a must for all the doctors to go on emergency room manning shifts and comply with this system that has been part of the hospital operations for many years. - Category: Health
  • The Last Place on Earth and Its Environmental Status ( 2254 reads)   

    Antarctica is like no other place in this world, with its great beauty and wild brutality. It's the only continent never bloodied by the wars of man. - Category: Travel
  • Pushing For the Ideal Medical Sphere ( 2051 reads)   

    Envision this, a health care system without any costs. Instead of patients going to private offices in different locations, they only go to one stop such as community health centers or medical superstores to get all their health needs taken care of. - Category: Health
  • Battling Hearing Loss Only Takes an Antioxidant ( 2366 reads)   

    Destructive, stubborn, rebellious, and insolent are not the words children should be referred to with, it is not only wrong but also off putting especially when heard from parents or teachers. A physician says that undetected cases of mild to severe hearing loss can be treated on occasion, and this is normally experienced by children without their parents' knowledge. - Category: Health
  • The Strength of a Woman Doctor ( 2414 reads)   

    A well respected female physician recounts how she took some time out for the odd party as she envisioned achieving her current status by a roundabout route, a tribute to the unswerving purpose of her meaningful life. But back in high school, she was not single minded at all. - Category: Health
  • Before You Play an Instrument, Go Talk to Your Dentist ( 2791 reads)   

    Before your child starts playing a kind of musical instrument, particularly a wind instrument such as a clarinet or saxophone, a New York orthodontist strongly recommends that you check first with your dentist. According to this orthodontist, there is a connection between individual's dental problems and the kind of musical instruments that they play. - Category: Health
  • Plaque Control, Secret to Healthy Teeth ( 2349 reads)   

    The tooth decay the dentist found on the elderly man's mouth was one highly unusual black hole on one of his front teeth. Because he gagged when he put his prescribed nitroglycerin tablets under his tongue, he decided to put it under his upper lip instead. - Category: Health

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