The mesmerizing beauty of Antarctica brimming with hidden brutality is one of a kind. Not a single drop of blood ever bloodied this continent. The intense cold of this almost germ free continent has permitted more violent deaths than natural, and such is the secret hidden within this continent, which is by far, larger than Europe and America combined. But today, it has become a continent of contrasts, bringing together men of antagonistic political faiths to work hand in hand warm and comfortable while being three inches away from 100 temperatures below zero that, in a matter of a few seconds, can freeze their blood.

Better than diets, Antarctica's extreme cold takes away calories from people with the heartiest appetites even as they devour more than five meals each day, preventing happy eaters from gaining weight. There is, however, a rare affliction called as the big eye, which does not enable people to sleep during the extremely bright summer season, specifically thanks to the 3 am sunshine, thus creating a mass insomnia affliction.

Only in the Frozen continent can we find the harshest conservation laws. With the extremely stringent statutes, field parties of scientists have to burn their feces and urinate into sealed containers. Now there is a need for special licenses before whalers and sealers can kill the animals slaughtered centuries back. To fund various efforts like studying the behavioral and ecological adaptation of penguins of the pygoscelid kind, the history of polar precipitations leading to ice crystals, and the evolution of mesozoic and cenozoic depositional basins found in the South Orkney Isles and also in the northern Antarctic Peninsula, Americans generously pour in $45 million each year, through the body known as the National Science Foundation.

We can see that throughout the busy summer season, specifically from November until mid February, women are already flooding countless research stations, and at Vostok located at the geomagnetic pole, there is an increase of the Russian women at work. However, not one female from the nave has spent the winter in this continent and the Navy brass states that not one would do so. The Pentagon though is feeling increasing pressure as they are asked to bring more women on the wintering-over parties, at the South Pole 728 miles farther south of the other area, McMurdo.

A senior naval officer states that they do not disagree with the idea but there is one thing that has to be considered. Would you happen to have an idea on how the spouses of the men assigned here react, upon learning the possibility of other ladies spending time with their husbands during the longest night on Earth, so that for wintering over duties, we can green light the ladies already.

The main difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic is its wildlife, for the Arctic has a teeming bird life, a vast population of furred animals ranging from the Arctic hare to polar bears, countless caribou herds while the Antarctic, on the other hand, is mainly devoid of life except maybe for the seals which are only sometimes residents at this area, and the only fur bearing animals. The biggest bird population, the penguins, have no flyable wings, never sing and, completely contrary to nature, some varieties lay their eggs and hatch their young in the dead of winter during the lowest temperatures of the year.

No place in this world can boast of a marine life far richer than Antarctica's. Drawing the interest of these first voyagers are the many seals and whales that are home in Antarctica. They were not called by its breathtaking sights. Oil from whales and skin of seals is what drove them here and what caused New England to become very wealthy. Not too many know that among them was a sealer captain named Nathaniel Brown Palmer who is given credit for locating the Antarctic Peninsula by having this land, in 1920, named after him.

Species known as krill, four inch long crustaceans are said to be this world's largest source of protein, and nutritionists state that an estimate of one and a half billion metric tons of them thrive in these very waters. And right at the bottom of these four season along with others washing the continental shelf of the fisheries, experts aver that trawlers are capable of reaping more protein in one year than what can be gathered by all the fishermen from the combined seas of all the world.

Stated by ichthyologists, the influx of krill nowadays is paved by the whaler and sealer's intense greed and merciless butchery. The slaughter of the baleen whales along with the krill-eating seals may have allowed the krill population to increase by the billions following the near elimination of their biggest enemies.

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