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  • What is Alternative Investment Market (AIM)? ( 3662 reads)   

    London Stock Exchange has different market segments. This article brings out the role played by Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London Stock Exchange. - Category: Finance
  • How Important is Economic Analysis For Fundamental Analysis of Stocks? ( 3703 reads)   

    The article highlights the role of economic analysis in fundamental analysis - Category: Finance
  • How Can Retail Investors Buy Government Securities in Primary Market? ( 4077 reads)   

    The article talks about the guidelines for buying government securities in India - Category: Finance
  • Why PPF is Not a Risk Free Investment? ( 4177 reads)   

    Understand the key risks in Public Provident Fund Investment. - Category: Finance
  • NCFM Certifications and Career Options ( 9558 reads)   

    What are career options for NCFM certified individuals? Read this article - Category: Finance
  • Is Ganguly the Best Indian Captain Ever? ( 2560 reads)   

    The article evaluates strengths and weaknesses of Saurav Ganguly as the captain of Indian cricket team - Category: Sports
  • Increasing Competition Among Business News Channels in India ( 4105 reads)   

    The article highlights the existing tough competition in India - Category: Finance
  • Seven Traits of a Financial Planner You Must Know ( 4045 reads)   

    Brief on Financial Planners Ability - Category: Finance
  • Understanding Securities Lending and Borrowing Transactions ( 3186 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into how security lending and borrowing is done. Stock Lending and Borrowing is an important activity in equity and bond markets. As per BBA,UK following are benefits of securities lending and borrowing. - Category: Finance
  • Why Life Insurance is Not an Investment Product? ( 3426 reads)   

    The article highlights why you should not buy insurance for investment. Insurance is a pure risk product and should be bought with risk coverage view. - Category: Finance
  • How to Improve Your English? ( 2717 reads)   

    The article highlights how can a person speak good English, even if the person is new to English Language. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Why You Should Not Buy LIC's Jeevan Ankur? ( 3198 reads)   

    LIC has come out with Jeevan Ankur policy. You should not buy this policy as it is just old wine in the new bottle. - Category: Finance
  • Why You Should Not Take Experts View on Equity Seriously? ( 4089 reads)   

    Business News Channels in India show the views of the experts on specific new events which often prove out to be incorrect. - Category: Finance
  • SEBI's Incomplete Guidelines on Qualified Foreign Investors ( 3679 reads)   

    The article shows how SEBI's guidelines on QFIs are not exhaustive and need to include so many aspects - Category: Finance
  • Five Reasons You Should Not Buy Mutual Funds ( 3386 reads)   

    The article highlights the reason why you should not buy mutual funds. Let me take you through some hard facts on why you should not go for mutual fund route of investment into stocks. Please note this analysis has been done in Indian context and most of it will be applicable in global markets. - Category: Finance
  • Savings Rate Deregulation: Will It Bring Any Benefit For Depositors? ( 4451 reads)   

    The article analyses impact of Savings Deposit rate deregulation in India by RBI. RBI monetary policy review has become more of a , Cut, Copy and Paste' affair in recent times. Every time when RBI comes out with a reveiw, there is in an increase in repo and reverse repo rate by either 25 or 50 basis point by RBI. - Category: Finance
  • Ten Parameters to Evaluate Performance of a Company's Share ( 5640 reads)   

    The critical parameters thar you need to evaluate before making investments in equity shares of a company - Category: Finance
  • When a Regulator Fails - An Analysis of RBI Monetary Policy ( 4031 reads)   

    The article highlights how the monetary policy of RBI has failed to achieve desired result of containing inflation - Category: Finance
  • Will SME Exchange Be Successful in India? ( 3265 reads)   

    The article highlights the issues that involve launching of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) exchange in India. - Category: Finance
  • Ten Important Information That Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) ( 4140 reads)   

    The article gives what MSME in India need to do to keep their business running. Do you own a business which can be classified as MSME? If so, you need to know certain information that will be extremely helpful in running the business - Category: Finance
  • Worldcom Debacle - A Case Study in Risk Management. ( 10210 reads)   

    The article explains the risk management in context of Worldcom Debacle. Worldcom was America's second largest telecom company in 2000. But, the company filed for bankruptcy protection on July 21st, 2002. Could it have been avoided? - Category: Finance
  • How to Calculate Return on Endowment and Money Back Plans? ( 3596 reads)   

    The article helps in understanding how to calculate returns on Money Back and Endowment Plans - Category: Finance
  • ITC Ltd : Safe Bet For Long Term With Decent Returns ( 3878 reads)   

    The reasons why you should buy ITC shares for long term investment - Category: Finance
  • Preparing For IBPS Bank Clerical Examination ( 2824 reads)   

    This article help you to know how can you prepare for IBPS Bank clerical examination - Category: Education
  • Finance For Non-Finance Series-1 ( 2617 reads)   

    The article provides details of what a non finance professional needs to understand while trying to learn finance - Category: Finance
  • Understand Your CIBIL Score (Credit history system in India) ( 5626 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into Credit score used by CIBIL, the leading credit rating agency. As of now, India has four credit bureau i.e. 1) CIBIL, 2) EXPERIAN, 3) EQUIFAX and 4) HIGH MARK. Effectively CIBIL is the bureau which is most widely used. - Category: Finance
  • Operational Risk Management ( 3797 reads)   

    The article explains concept of operational risk and how this can be managed. It has been defined under BASEL-2 guidelines as,' The risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people or systems or from external events'. - Category: Others
  • What is London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) ( 3841 reads)   

    The article describes the method used to calculate LIBOR. - Category: Finance
  • Planning For Retirement ( 2856 reads)   

    Planning for Retirement is very critical. The article higlights the key aspects of retirement planning. - Category: Finance
  • How to Select a Part Time MBA Program in India? ( 3891 reads)   

    The article helps in understanding how to select a part time MBA prgram. 'Masters of Business Administration' (M.B.A) is the most sought after educational qualification in India - Category: Careers
  • Understanding Profit and Loss Account ( 3699 reads)   

    The article is an attempt to explain significance of profit and loss account of a company. The profit account and the loss account are a very critical indicator of performance for a given period as it measures how the company has done in terms of profitability. - Category: Finance
  • Options Terminologies - What is an Option Contract? ( 2993 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into various terminologies used in options contract. Option is a financial contract in which buyer of the contract has the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at a given price on or before a date - Category: Finance
  • Project Management- Critical Questions and Answers ( 5501 reads)   

    The article attempts to explain the key concpets of project management through questions and answers - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Does Competition Improve Service Quality? ( 3206 reads)   

    The article analyses the relationship between service quality and competition in context of Indian market. There is a cut throat competition in India in several areas of business like mobile phone services, airlines, banking etc. Has this indeed benefited customers? The article analyses mobile number portability effectiveness. - Category: Others
  • CISI Certifications: For Career in Global Financial Markets ( 5099 reads)   

    The article provides details of programs offered by CISI in the financial sector domain. The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) is one of the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of major financial centres round the world. - Category: Careers
  • Understanding Ex-Date and Cum-Date ( 10087 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into ex-date and cum-date. Companies provide benefits to the shareholders in different forms. The benefits distributed by the companies are in two forms: 1) Cash Benefits and 2) Non cash benefits. - Category: Finance
  • What is a Credit Bureau ( 2812 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into the concept of a credit bureau - Category: Finance
  • An Analysis of Oligopoly in US Airline Industry ( 12356 reads)   

    The article attempts to explain Oligopoly in US markets.It explain under which model of oligopoly airlines operate under i.e. Sweezy model, Cournot model, Stackelberg model or Bertrand model. If they do not operate under any of these, what is the reason for the same? - Category: Finance
  • Borrow and Study ( 2983 reads)   

    The article talks about benefit available under Section 80E of Income Tax Act for educational loans. - Category: Finance
  • Understanding Custodial Services ( 3506 reads)   

    The article explains the various functions provided by custodians. Custodian, as the word suggest, is an entity which acts as the intermediary in the securities transactions business by performing the task of managing the securities on behalf of their clients. - Category: Finance
  • Understanding Depository Receipts ( 2912 reads)   

    The article gives a brief overview of depository receipts and their functioning - Category: Finance
  • Securities Identification Numbers: An Overview ( 4564 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into different securities identification numbers being used across the globe. - Category: Finance
  • A Brief Overview of Bonds ( 4659 reads)   

    The article gives brief overview of bonds across the world. A bond is an IOU instrument. This means that an issuer of a bond owes certain amount to the subscriber and agrees to pay the amount to the subscriber after a specified period of time - Category: Finance
  • How to Clear UGC-NET exam? ( 87473 reads)   

    The article throws light on how a candidate should approach UGC NET examination to be able to pass it easily. I have passed UGC-NET exam twice. - Category: Education
  • Eleven New Year Resolutions For Better Investments in 2011 ( 2820 reads)   

    The article highlights the critical aspects that you need to understand with respect to investments. Here is a series of eleven important resolutions that an individual needs to make in the New Year - Category: Finance
  • Five Global Certifications in Finance ( 6321 reads)   

    The article explains the five important certifications available in finance on a global scale - Category: Finance
  • How Are Margins Charged on Stock Market Transactions in India? ( 3206 reads)   

    The article gives an insight into how the margins charged on the transactions done in the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the cash market segment? - Category: Finance
  • Share Valuation Models- Part 1 ( 4712 reads)   

    This article provides details of Walter model used for valuation of a company's share. - Category: Others
  • Understanding Corporate Action - Part One ( 5156 reads)   

    The article is the first in the series of article which provide details on what is a corporate action. The article does classification of corporate actions. - Category: Finance
  • Why CFP Certification Has Not Been a Success in India? ( 4766 reads)   

    The article traces the reasons for CFP certification not being successful in India. CFP or Certified Financial Planner is a certification awarded by Financial Planning Standard Board, India. - Category: Finance

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