Finance is a very fast growing field. It offers different kind of opportunities to those who want to make successful career in the field of finance. However, it is essential that to have a successful career in finance, an individual has some bare minimum qualifications. While every country has some certifications which provide opportunity for career in finance, there are certain certifications/qualifications in finance which are recognized world over. This article makes an attempt to highlight five such most widely acceptable certifications. These are :

1) CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst: This program has a focus on investment management. It is a program which is run through self study mode. The program is open for graduates. There are three levels of the program which is classified as level 1, level 2 and level 3. The examinations are conducted twice a year for level 1 and once a year for level 2 and 3. The details can be obtained from

2) FRM or Finance Risk Manager :
The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) is the only globally recognized leader in financial risk testing and certification programs, and educational and training activities as per its website. The GARP conducts Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification which has two levels- 1 and 2.This program is very quantitative in nature and it is recommended that unless you have good grasp on mathematics, you should not attempt the examination. The details can be obtained from

3) PRM or Professional Risk Manager:
Established in 2002 by a volunteer group of risk industry professionals, PRMIA's mission is to provide a free and open forum for the promotion of sound risk management standards and practices globally. The PRM certification is provided by PRMIA. A candidate need to clear 4 papers to get PRM certification. Else a candidate can also attempt associate PRM certification in which only one paper needs to be cleared.The examination is held at different centres worldwide. Please refer the website

4) Certified Treasury Professional or CTP:
This certification is conferred by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) in Bethesda, Maryland USA. As the name suggests the program is for those who are interested in making career in treasury. The details can be obtained from

5) Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst or CAIA : If you are looking for career in alternative investment, CAIA is a good option. As per website of CAIA,' Founded in 2002, the CAIA Association is the sponsoring body for the only globally-recognized designation for AI expertise. Across the globe, the CAIA designation demonstrates mastery of alternative investment concepts, tools, and practices, and promotes adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct'. The details of the program can be obtained from

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