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Author: Sanoj Raju

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About Me: For anything 99% hard work and 1% confidence constitute the success. I have got it.

Articles by Sanoj Raju:
  • Resources and Their Role in Development ( 3607 reads)   

    Resources are to be used at every point of time. Think about the situation when it is exhausted. So, we have to use it judiciously. - Category: Nature
  • United Nations Organisation- UNO ( 2993 reads)   

    We should have international Organisations to ensure liberalisation of foriegn trade and to maintain the economic stand with countries. UNO is an organisation to control the functioning of trade and relationships. - Category: Others
  • Over-exploitation of Water ( 14730 reads)   

    Water is a renewable resource. But we suffer water scarcity. How? Let us discuss. Today more than 25 countries in this Earth are suffering from water scarcity. - Category: Nature
  • Personality ( 3963 reads)   

    Everyone talks about personality. But no one knows what is personality. - Category: Others
  • Save Our Earth ( 6976 reads)   

    Now, human beings are forgetting everything. They try to get everything under their control. This finally ended in destruction of Earth. - Category: Nature

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