In this beautiful planet "EARTH", it is the duty of the human to maintain the ecosystem. But this does not give the power to rule over other living beings. We all know that, living beings are composed of living matters and these are sensitive. For example, we are sensitive to touch, we can smell, distinguish colours. Just think about this. No one in this world like to suffer the pain.

It is also the case of animals and other living creatures. They all need to stay alive and have to taste the "FREEDOM". If we are put in a cage, and do not have freedom, what will be our feeling. We will be surely pained. This is same to all living creatures. They also suffer pain,in some situations they are suffered more what we suffer. So all the living creatures are to be looked and carefully maintained. This is the duty of the Humans. Humans are special creatures. They can think, have more complex body design, have four chambered heart, can speak, can cry out when pained, may have revenge etc.. Human brain is the most powerful weapon. The technology, which is brought up by human brain, should also work for other living creatures. Hunting, poaching etc. reduced the number of animals. Some are extincted due to human activities. Over 81,000 species of fauna and 47,000 species of flora are found in India so far. Of the estimated 47,000 plant species, about 15,000 flowering species are endemic to India. Some estimates suggest that at least 10 per cent of India's recorded wild flora and 20 per cent of its mammals are on the threatened list. Some of them are Cheetah, pink-headed duck, mountain quail, forest spotted owlet and plants like Madhuca Insignis and Hubbardia Heptaneuron.

Building National sanctuaries, Wildlife Conservation Parks and small parks are good responses to this evil issue. But to ensure a good healthy ecosystem, some other factors are also need to be over-looked. First of all, The officials should ensure that proper sanitation is made for the animals. Many Wildlife sanctuaries and other Parks fail in this. Anyway, this is the base of any Parks. Proper food has to be given to the animals. And also they need to ensure that healthy food is given. Another thing is that, when this food is given. If they are given at proper intervals, the animals will feel good and will be active. If the respective officials fail in this, the animals will be haunted by deadly diseases, because for any creature it is necessary to consume food to be well. Think when we do not eat food for 1 day. Our health level will be decreased and the immunity will also be reduced. This is same to animals also. Further, if no healthy food is provided, the organs will be attacked by micro-organisms easily as in the case of human. In a zoo,for example, there will be a flow of people. If the animals are attacked by the diseases, surely these will be also affected in human. The cages which the animals are kept should be kept clean as sometimes the people will catch these cages or they will just touch. The cages should be anodized so that corrosion will not take place. If the cages are corroded, they should be cleaned at any cost. The life of the people should also be safeguarded. The cages of the animals should be locked tightly.

These are good responses but how we can ensure FREEDOM for these innocent creatures. National Sanctuaries ensure protection to these animals but some of the greedy natured people try to haunt the animals for their well-being. Generally, these national sanctuaries are in large area and to safeguard the entire place, it will be too difficult and dangerous. So caring some areas cannot be overlooked. In case of protected forests, the animals ensure freedom dut not protection. In this ecosystem one should depend upon other animals for their survival only. This is the only common habit for these animals. Food is necessary. The food should be intaken to carry out various intercellular functions. If they failed in this process, they would die. So those animals which belong to these kind of forests should be able to get preys. These preys are those animals which belong to these forests. This dependence of animals in the ecosystem is necessary for the ecological balance. Generally this ecosystem is comprised of various tropic levels. The plants are the primary producers of energy. This is consumed by various animals. Then comes the omnivores and the herbivores animals. So this inter-linked relationship between animals in this FOOD CHAIN is very necessary for the good for the ecosystem. If plants are numbered low, the primary consumers will get low energy. In a food chain, moving from previous to successive levels, the energy that gets for each successive levels will be get reduced. We, the humans occupy the top position of the food chain thus get low energy. So if we do not conserve forest and wildlife the energy that we get will be lessened.

The next problem is that of the oxygen intake. The trees are the group which give out oxygen. Think, if the number is reduced. The trees also help in bringing rain. So reducing in their number shows of increasing the global temperature and ecological instability. We need to protect these trees. But people all are forgetting these kind of basic concepts. Our mind all are consumed in the necessity of profits. Cutting of trees is necessary but with this phenomenon there should be afforestation. Not only deforestation should be fostered, but afforestation should be also . With cutting of trees, there should be planting of trees. If these living beings are not protected then the stability of humans will be also in danger. All the living beings in this ecosystem are mutually dependable. So, we should try our level best to conserve our wildlife and forest for our and common good. The future is in our hand. Once done, it is difficult to undo.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a nature enthusiast and wanted this Earth to be protected.