If we look around, all we can see is "DESTRUCTION". Cutting down trees, mining, quarrying, resource depletion, and over exploitation of water. These processes are so common in this modern world. Now everyone also engaged in this type of processes. Ofcourse, they are needed for "HUMAN DEVELOPMENT" but overusing these resources leads to "HUMAN DESTRUCTION". So, judicious use of resources is to be focused by each human. Today, everyone is engaged in the process of earning more and more profits. The greedy exploitative nature of the Mankind and the over-exploitative nature of the Modern Technology will only do harm to us. So resources are to be used in a sustainable way.Over-using these resources will cause the depletion of these deposits and their amount of usage will be increased. This leads to demand more and more. So various processes are to be carried for locating these resouces and a considerable money should also be used.

Focusing upon judicious use of resources bring better outcomes but moreover the human have look and safeguard "The EARTH". To maintain our life and for our good and healthy life a pollution free environment should be made. But, to get a pollution free environment also it is too difficult. So, what we have to do is to decrease the level of pollution in our environment. Now let us look at some common processes by which our environment is being damaged and also how to reduce these evil processes.

Everything available in our environment which can be used to satisfy our needs are classified as resources. Resources play a vital role in the development of the humans. Technology can be modified only through these resources. If these resources are not judiciously used then they will get exhausted soon. So, we need to conserve these resources. the resources should be kept for following generations. Invention of new and new materials made the people life comfortable. They demand more and more. So resources should be over-exploited to meet these demands. If we reduce this demand there will not be any uncomfortable for the humans. It will only add to the development. Generally, the powerful and rich countries have more amount of resources and this divide the Earth into poor and rich countries. If these resources are also made to available for poor countries then, they could also foster and increase the pace of the development. This should be over-looked

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