We all know that water is the most abundant resource in this Earth. This water resource can be considered as renewable source of energy. It is considered as it, because we get water from rain. But many ecological and environmental studies show that after 10 years more than half of the countries will be suffering from water scarcity. If water is a renewable source of energy, how this problem will occur? Today more than 25 countries in this Earth are suffering from water scarcity. How this happens? When we talk about water scarcity, first of all we consider the quantity of water has fallen down in such a rate that people will not get adequate water for their activities. But, we should also consider the quality of the water before consuming. So, both,qualitative and quantitative aspects have to be overlooked. If the water is not clean , then how the people will use it. Water is the most needed material in this Earth. It is used by the people for various uses. Moreover industries and factories also require water. So how the amount of water is getting reduced?

Over two thirds of Earth's surface is covered with water. But this water cannot be used for domestic purposes. This water is salty. So for drinking and other kitchen uses this water cannot be used. For this we use ground water. Ground water has many uses and many advantages. As compared to other water sources, groundwater is almost pure. It is cooled and recharged. Further, if the level of ground water ,which is to be used,is reduced what will happen? If the qualitative of the water is reduced what will happen? These type of questions are to be answered by the people. People are responsible for destruction.

If we are receiving very low rainfall, then we have to depend upon various other water department authorities. For this, we have to give money for receiving each litre. if the quality of this water is low, then the people which use this water will be affected by many diseases like cholera, diarrhea etc.. Further, if they are affected by these diseases, they need to consult doctors. If they consult doctors, they need to buy medicines. But, this situation also occurs if one does not pay attention to the contamination of water, that is, if the quality is gone down. It will also result in such kind of situations. During the course of attack of micro-organisms, our maintenance of various muscular and inter-cellular functions will be damaged. This results in the mal-functioning of the body. "Prevention is better than cure". So, prevent the diseases always.

Putting unwanted materials in the rivers and lakes also create water pollution. These may be industrial effluents or the domestic wastes of houses and hotels or even human wastes. How foolish the people to do so? We want water for everything. If the quality is reduced, everyone starts to say that they are not getting good water. They are making mistakes and they start to blame each other. Those villages which receive high rainfall also face various problems due to these doings. When the wastes are deposited in the water, the water is no longer good for use. This also adds to foul smell around that place. So, wastes should be dumped properly to get rid of water pollution.

Water also should be used judiciously. Though it is a renewable resource, it should be used in a sustainable manner. Many places are now still under water scarcity. Adopting sustainable manner will ensure good result in the future. The industries should reduce the dumping of wastes in the water sources. Farmers should adopt water harvesting techniques. During summer season, water scarcity will be so common as the temperature will be high and the rate of evaporation will be too high. During raining seasons, plenty of water will be available. Then over-exploitation of water occurs. Now various water harvesting methods are available. Rooftop harvesting is a good method to prevent this situation. When we receive plenty of water we forget about the time when we would not get enough water. Wasting even one drop of water will produce chronic water-scarcity. Now the ground water level is getting reduced.

So, we have to take initiative. It is our duty to get rid of such a evil phenomenon. Water scarcity will not bring any advantage. Water is also an important resource. Sustainable method of water usage has to be focused by us. It will ensure your quality and the Earth's quality.

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