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About Me: Post-doctoral research position ("Forskarassistent") with the Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council (NFR), positioned at the Department of Quaternary Geology, Lund University. Research on the Late

Articles by Pinner Jessica:
  • Research and Dental Trials ( 2719 reads)   

    To generate funding for their university research program looking for corporate investors became the goal of the department heads for which they needed a strategy. To serve the needs of biotechnical research an academic entrepreneurship seminar was held in one state. - Category: Health
  • Today's New Doctors Favoring Public Service Over Material Gain ( 2358 reads)   

    A certain group of younger women and men, historically, have taken on the medical profession seeking to do good for all. This shows now more than ever as the nation's medical schools are sending forth a new breed of doctors who choose to shun the 'glory' and monetary side of medicine to instead work for the good of all. - Category: Health
  • A Mother of 10 Becomes a Doctor at 50 ( 2647 reads)   

    In the year 1964, a 40 year old lady came in tattered farm clothing to the local university's college of literature, science and the arts to address her intention to study. This lady who came off a chicken farm armed with nothing but a background of convent education expressed her desire to become a medical doctor. - Category: Health
  • Losing One's Hearing at Birth ( 2111 reads)   

    Scientists, for years, have been studying lab animals in order to accumulate evidence that a pill could be able to lessen the damage to your hearing caused by noise. But this time, they will need to help of the Marines. - Category: Health
  • You Can Purchase Hearing Aids Under the New Federal Regulations ( 2455 reads)   

    There are new federal regulations now in effect for the first time governing the manufacturing, labeling, dispensing, and standards of hearing aids that are needed by millions who are dealing with hearing loss. According to regulations set forth by the Food & Drug Administration it is now necessary for a patient to have a statement from a doctor that states a hearing aid may help the patient, before purchasing hearing aids. - Category: Health
  • Hearing Loss Lifestyles ( 2375 reads)   

    The loss of hearing can happen to anyone so preparation is needed even by means of simply being informed. To be discussed are the definition of hearing loss and the factors which contribute to the problem as well as some helpful tips on treating the condition. - Category: Health

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