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Author: Nita Shah

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About Me: I have 20 years of teaching experience at college level,I love to read and to write articles on health, Education,n spiritual writing etc.

Articles by Nita Shah:
  • Oil Conservation and Steps to Conserve It ( 3419 reads)   

    Oil is a valuable nature's reserve which is non renewable and finds numerous applications in every field of life. It is widely used in transport, industry, domestic and agriculture. It si being consumed at very large scale and is causing depletion which poses ecological imbalance and future scarcity problem. It needs conciuos steps to conserve it. - Category: Issues
  • Applications of Computers in Various Fields ( 12691 reads)   

    Computers have found applications in numerous fields.Some of them are education, medicine, defense, administration, entertainment etc. The use of computers have changed the way of doing work. - Category: Education
  • A Brief Journey Through Evolution of Computers ( 3011 reads)   

    Evolution of modern computers from first computer developed by Charles Babbage to generations of Computers leading to numerous applications of it. The advent of Computers have revolutionalized the way of working. Today we are heading towards fifth generation of computors which will work on artificial intelligence. - Category: Education
  • How to Get Success in Exams ( 3438 reads)   

    To get success is every student's dream. the article is about how to be organized well and plan the course work and study time and how to face the exam and come out with flying colors. - Category: Education

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