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Author: Bindu Bharathi

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About Me: Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia.

Articles by Bindu Bharathi:
  • Positive Personal Attributes for Successful Person ( 3446 reads)   

    All of us think that we have to become the successful person. Do you think that is it possible? Yes it is possible. Attributes means the factors which may cause variations or differences from others. Through this literature I would like to share some of the personal attributes which is most important to become the successful person. You have to identify your personal attributes. So you have to modify some of your attributes like self esteem, mission, self discipline, time planning and action, human relation, self management, mental rehearsal, flexibility etc which helps to become a successful man. - Category: Writing
  • Successful Time Management ( 4066 reads)   

    'Successful Time Management' is the relevant topic in everybody's life, because if you are able to manage your time properly, you are also able to manage your life. Through this article the author requesting to the people to use your time effectively and efficiently. So you can achieve your life goals. Time is a valuable and scarce resource for every one, which is often underutilized or misused by the people. Time is infinite and cannot be stored. We cannot stop the clock but we definitely can optimize the use of time through proper planning and organization. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Real Sufferings and Experiences of Oncology Patients ( 3284 reads)   

    I would like to share some of the experiences with the cancer or oncology patients, because this was heart touching and unforgettable experiences of me. I pray to the god this type of problems never ever happen to anybody. I request you to, if you have time you just visit any of the Cancer Institutions and see the real sufferings of the patients and their family members. - Category: Health
  • Victims of Alcoholism ( 3471 reads)   

    This is the real story of my brother. I would like to share this real life experiences to all because this type of incidence never ever happen in any body's life. - Category: Writing
  • Global Warming - Causes and Effects ( 4428 reads)   

    Global warming is the most challenging problem faced by the people. Directly or indirectly we all are responsible for this issue. Ozone layer depletion is the most common reason for this problem. Ozone layer will act as an umbrella, and it will protect us from direct sun light and from different types of radiation. Another reason is that increased concentration of Green House Gases in the atmosphere, so it may leads to increase in atmospheric temperature. If the temperature is increasing dramatically; it may dangerously affect the lives of plants and animals, especially on mankind. Therefore we all will work together to protect and preserve our nation from global warming. Author: Bindu Bharathi MSN, BSN, RN, RM. Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia. - Category: Health
  • Dedicated Teacher ( 5182 reads)   

    ABSTRACT Teacher is the role model for the students. Always teacher can understand the students and show concerns and love to them. If you are doing like this, the students will love you. Now a days the value of education is deteriorating and students are not respecting the teachers. Ethical principles are losing from both teachers and the students. As a teacher help them to develop good character. So as a dedicated teacher you can motivate the students and mould them to become a responsible citizen. The dedicated teachers are committing and devote oneself to a particular cause. An ideal teacher is an exemplary towards her students, peers, employer, clients and others come in contact with her. This article is dedicated to my beloved teachers; those who are encouraged inspired and supported me in all my endower. Author: Mrs. Bindu Bharathi, Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia. - Category: Education
  • How to Enhance Self Esteem? ( 5154 reads)   

    How to Enhance Self Esteem. This article outlines how to develop self esteem in an individual. It will helpful for the individual to identify their own abilities, potentialities and limitations. Most of them are having good talents but we are not utilizing our proficiency. Through this article author try to motivate all the persons to maximize their potentialities. So it will useful for professional development of the individual. If the person has good self esteem, they will be more competent in their profession. KEY WORDS Self enhancement, self esteem, self image and Global Self esteem - Category: Education
  • Burnout Syndrome ( 4524 reads)   

    Stress is a subjective feeling, based on an individual perspective. What one individual finds stressful, another may not. Burnout is not simply excessive stress; rather, it is a complex human reaction to stress. Some of the professionals are having some sort of stress, ie good for their professional development, but it is moderate to severe it may affect all activities of the individual. If you have any types of stress please ventilate with your closed ones, otherwise it may lead to the development of burnout syndrome. Through this article the author aimed to prevent stress and burnout among nursing professionals. So the nurses can work efficiently and effectively in their profession. - Category: Health

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