Author: Mrs. Bindu Bharathi, MSN, BSN
Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia

This is the real story of my brother. I would like to share this real life experiences to all because this type of incidence never ever happen in any body's life.

He got Government job by the age 26. He has lot of friends. During the initial period of his employment he was enthusiastic and very punctual in his work. That was good time of him. But unfortunately he developed the character of alcoholism. As all, he also started alcoholism just for his friendship and company, but later it was the daily habit of him. He got married and has two children. Wife is very innocent and she has very good character. She doesn't know anything, what husband is telling that she believes. They enjoyed their life with so many ups and downs. But they really love each other.

My brother was addicted to alcohol. If he is not taking alcohol, he has got some withdrawal symptoms. During that time he was having so many friends, they are ready to give alcohol at any time. After few years he was suffered from jaundice. We consulted the doctors. They all told only one solution for his recovery is not to use any single drop of alcohol. By the God's grace he agreed for de- addiction treatment.

We took him to a very famous de- addiction centre of Kerala, India. It is managed by very famous Psychologist. Treatment modalities followed by this centre is entirely different from other centers. During first visit, the doctor was just observed the behavior of him. He was asked only one question, why you came here? He answered "I want to become free from the habit of alcoholism". He told to my brother, here No cell, and No physical punishment. The doctor believes that, if the client is willing for treatment he will be here. If anybody is coming with the influence of some body, they can escape, so gate is always open. It is near to one beautiful dam. The atmosphere itself facilitates peace and positive energy to all. The client was really addicted means they are giving some alcohol to them for the initial few days, in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms. After that Sir, was closely observed the client about his behavior, action, language, use of any abuse words etc. It was recorded. When the client was normal that time he was showing the recorded video clippings. My brother was told sorry; he was apologizing about his mistakes. Through the conversation and repeated counseling with client and his family he was found out the reason for alcoholism. Actually no exact reason for that, he wants to enjoy that's all. Every day morning and evening all will attend the prayer; it is must, but they can follow their own religious prayer. No restriction. First seven days individual counseling was conducted for my brother. Followed by family counseling for the wife, parents and children. During that time all the inmates developed some intimate relation and they were shared their real life stories to others. It is like a family. Here all are helping for cooking. They all created a family atmosphere. Some herbal medicines are given by the doctor. After 21 days of treatment my brother was totally changed. My brother also becomes a new man. We visited periodically to that centre. When we visiting the centre we have the homily feeling.

After the treatment every day he went for job. He was very responsible to the family. If the friends are drinking in front of him, he is having no temptation. We all are happier. Most of the time friends are good, but here the friends are challenging him for drinking. Initially he is not at all bothered; I don't know how again he got the habit of alcoholism. Then immediately he developed jaundice. All liver enzymes were very high. He got hospitalized, doctors again warn to him not to take alcohol.

Suddenly his condition was very bad, we taken him to Medical College Hospital. They diagnosed as Cirrhosis of Liver. Most of the days they were in the hospitals for his treatment. No improvement. So we took him to Very famous Super Specialty- Liver Diseases Hospital. Weekly checkups, Investigations, Scanning, Medications everything. He can't go for job. Financially we were in crisis. We took opinion from the doctors about Liver Transplantation. Wife is ready to donate her liver. My brother is positive group, but she is negative. That time we faced the problem of money. They told more than 35 lakhs Indian rupees is needed for surgery. We are in dilemma. How to get this much money? After a month he got another complication of liver disease such as Ascitis. Ascitis means collection of fluid in the peritoneal cavity along with abdominal pain. Every third day doctors are drained out 5-7 litters of fluid from the peritoneal cavity. The doctors were order Albumin. That is very costly medication. He was physically very weak. He has got the grief reactions. Normally all most all the clients are passing the stage of Denial (deny the condition), Anger (angry and irritation), Bargaining (Dilemma in acceptance or rejection), Depression (feeling of sad) and Acceptance. Finally he accepted his disease condition. Day by day his condition was worsening. He can't take any food. All the time his wife was with him as a shadow. She suffered a lot. She can't concentrate children or any job. Again he got another complication of Abdominal Hernia. Abdomen was looks like pregnant, along with one projection, it looks like elephant's trunk. We can't able to tolerate his sufferings and his condition, but to some extend he tolerated all the pain and discomfort. That time we all prayed to God for his betterment. His condition was very weak, so they proposed for abdominal surgery. Doctors are not ready to do the surgery. They directly told us may be death will happen on the operation table itself. Any way we given consent for surgery, because we are much worried about his pain. He underwent for surgery. He got all the complications of surgery like infection, very sever bleeding, hypotension etc. He was in Intensive Care for 3 weeks. Then his condition was slightly improved. We all are happy. After a couple of weeks his condition was very critical. He can't take even fluid. Again he got admitted in the hospital. He was on Ryle's Tube, and Catheter. He was on Intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, Albumin and on all expensive antibiotics. Suddenly he started very severe hemetemesis (Vomiting of Blood). It is like forceful water flow from the big pipe. We all are very much upset; we thought how this much blood is coming from him. That time we heard his very loud crying sound from the ICU. Doctors are allowed his wife to see him. She was cried a lot. We can't say anything to her. Doctors tried their level best, but they can't save his life. Now he is no more. They officially certified his death.

During that time we pledge everything for his treatment. We spend all our money for his treatment, but God not given him back. These all happened with in two years. During that time they were in the home hardly for few weeks. All remaining days they were in the hospitals. The two little girls' looks worried and lose love and affection from their dear father. They loss everything. His wife and children are looks depressed. They don't know how they are going to face their challenges of life? Now their life is like a big question? How she will manage the family? How she will educate her children? How she will make the house?

Alcoholism may affect the individual, family, and society. You can think about the ill effects of alcoholism? How much it is danger?

Alcohol will destroy health of the client. Later it may cause the problem of Cirrhosis of liver, ascitis, abdominal hernia, hemetemesis, liver cancer etc. Psychologically the person and the family will be depressed. Socially they are getting harassment form the others. It may cause financial burden to the family. That means alcoholism will cause physical, physiological, psychological, social and financial problems to the individual and his family.

Alcoholism is Social evil. We all are educated so we will take some initiative to prevent this habit from our society. Through the awareness program and behavior modifications we can save our beloved ones. If anybody is loss their husband, father, son, brother, uncle that is the great loss, we can't replace or refill his place, that is a very big gap.

My humble request to readers please helps your friends from the habit of alcoholism; tell those regarding ill effects of alcoholism. If you are changing one person from alcoholism, you are saving one family. Like this if you all thinking about means we all can make a miracle. Please join with us for eliminating alcoholism from our family, as well as from the Society.

About Author / Additional Info:
Mrs. Bindu Bharathi, Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia.