Mrs. Bindu Bharathi, MSN, BSN, RN, RM
Department of Community Health Nursing
College of Nursing
Northern Border University, Arar, Saudi Arabia

All of us think that we have to become the successful person. Do you think that is it possible? Yes it is possible. Attributes means the factors which may cause variations or differences from others. Through this literature I would like to share some of the personal attributes which is most important to become the successful person. You have to identify your personal attributes. So you have to modify some of your attributes like self esteem, mission, self discipline, time planning and action, human relation, self management, mental rehearsal, flexibility etc which helps to become a successful man.

There are certain factors which contribute to the development of human beings. That may be hereditary factors or environmental factors. Hereditary factors mainly contributed from our genetics, but environmental factors related to our level of education, type of employment, social relations, culture, workplace, social relations etc. Most of them will agree this statement, because it is proved by the scientist. According to my own experience and knowledge I would like to share my observations related to personal attributes to become a successful person. Attributes means the factors which may cause variations or differences. This personal attributes makes the man different from one individual to another. Individual difference is the basic thing for change. The successful persons are not born, but they are made through efforts and continuous hard working.

1. High Self Esteem

Self esteem means looking in to yourself, which means you have to identify what are your abilities, qualities, potentialities, and limitations. This is the self evaluation to assess self competence and self worth. High self esteem makes the most of one's personality and abilities. High self esteem empowers individuals to attain desired goals and to establish good interpersonal relationships.

2. A Clear Mission

Mission is a mental image of a desired and possible state of affaires. A clear sense of mission motivates the person to do their best. It also helps them to channel their personal resources and energy in the right direction. Finally mission will helps to achieve the goal or purpose for living.

3. Strategic Plan

Strategic plan which outlines the action or steps necessary for attaining their mission and goals. For good strategic plan we have updated knowledge, competencies or skills and positive attitude to overcome difficulties or challenges in the life.

4. Mental Rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal is the mental image of successful action. This will helps the person to prepare themselves mentally for any challenge they encounter.

5. Action or Implementation

Most of the successful persons have the courage to act or implement their plans without any delay. They are not procrastinating their action. They are practicing the philosophy of "Do It Now", but they are ready to take the risks of their actions.

6. Human Relations

Human relation skills are the essential skill required for the persons. You have to maintain good relation with all. Treat every one with respect and dignity. Considers others point of view. Speak positively to others. Try to motivate and appreciate all for their good contributions.

7. Peace and Calm

Sense of inner calm and peace, which enable you to concentrate your goals. If we are in conflict, that will affect our productivity. So practice regular exercise, yoga and meditation which will help to maintain peace.

8. Effective Self Management

If you want to attain effective self management, first of all manage your time effectively. All are having 24 hours per day, but the problem is that how effectively we are utilizing our time. If the person has good time management half of the things will be done. Plan all the things in advance and give priority to the most important one. You can also practice "To Do List".

9. Perseverance

Perseverance means persistence. This is the most important attribute for the successful person. If any problem, or any failure, please try to bounce back from temporary setbacks. Failure is the stepping stone of success. "Fail means First Attempt In Learning". Assess what is the reason for the failure or the problem and try to overcome the challenges.

10. Self - Discipline

Every individual should have self discipline, through proper self discipline only we can attain our mission and goals. If any distractions or difficulties not get upset. We have to sacrifices things for attaining our goals.

11. Flexibility

Flexibility has two aspects, that is positive and negative. If you are more flexible you can't attain the goals, at the same time if you are more rigid there will be less cooperation. Both of the aspects have advantages and disadvantages. If you are making any change, immediately the people are not ready to accept any change. This is the human philosophy, because we are turned to one system, suddenly they are does not want to change that system. But slowly they will accommodate those changes.

12. Continuous Improvement

Day by day we are learning so many things from our day to day life or from our experience. So we are the life long learners. Continuous improvement is our ultimate goal, so we have to update our knowledge and skills in our own field. Competitive persons only survive. There is no end for learning. "End means Effort Never Dies".


Certain Personal attributes may make the man to become successful or failure. So you have to think what you want. If you want to become successful person you have to maintain high self esteem, clear mission, strategic plan, action, and good time management. Make changes in your personal attributes and try to become a role model for every one.

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