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About Me: Post-doctoral research position ("Forskarassistent") with the Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council (NFR), positioned at the Department of Quaternary Geology, Lund University. Research on the Late

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  • Reducing Plaque and Other Dangers to the Teeth ( 1998 reads)   

    To address a huge variety teeth problems, different kids of toothpastes are developed. You can find tartar control toothpastes, Plague reducing toothpastes or those that cater to the little ones' needs. - Category: Health
  • Website Visibility Ensures a Company's Success ( 2214 reads)   

    With an estimate of Americans, approximately 75 percent of them accessing the Internet from some spot on day after day, a Web site is ever more seen as a basic tool in any well formed marketing exertion. But, creating a Web site that will address all of your aims is not an assurance of immediate visibility for the Internet is a very multifarious environment that is always bound to change. - Category: Technology
  • What Baby Sees Baby Does ( 2285 reads)   

    Nothing constructive comes from criticizing a child by calling him names like stubborn, antisocial, antagonistic, or disobedient, but it becomes even more erroneous when the parents and teachers are the ones dishing these out to kids. Regularly, parents would not even be aware that the child is already suffering from mild to severe hearing loss, and although a physician says the condition can be cured, undetected cases cause such misunderstandings to transpire. - Category: Health
  • A Teacher's Dedication to Hearing Impaired Children ( 3278 reads)   

    Hearing loss gets in the way of many Americans' ability to communicate with other people and a whopping 14 million of them suffer from it today. September 21 to 28 also known as the Deaf Awareness Week will be an astounding success and this is something guaranteed by the counselor coming from the East Harris County coop for the deaf. - Category: Health
  • Understanding With Hearing Aids ( 2585 reads)   

    If it will not be a hassle can you repeat what you said earlier because I did not hear it. We actually interact with others mostly by hearing. - Category: Health

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