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Articles by mark astal:
  • Handling Issues With Windows 7 Professional Upgrade ( 3005 reads)   

    If you thought the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade will keep you at a distance away from system errors or PC slow speed, it is worth noting here that no operating system is fool-proof and can develop problems but things are easier to sort out with a Windows 7 Professional upgrade. - Category: Technology
  • Trojans - The Biggest Threat to Your PC ( 2278 reads)   

    Besides causing a slow PC by eating up your resource Trojan can be very dangerous for your PC as they tend to hide and provide your data to the hackers. They might prove to be very harmful not just for your PC but for your identity as well. You need to be careful that you have a reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware in your PC. - Category: Technology
  • Get Rid From Virus and Spyware Related Problems ( 2312 reads)   

    This article is focusing that how we can protect our system with the help of Computer Support Professionals. - Category: Technology
  • 10 Attributes of a Good Computer Support ( 2972 reads)   

    This article will give you some knowledge about Attributes of a Good Computer Support. - Category: Technology

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