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  • What's Wrong With Progressing Science? ( 3233 reads)   

    the article emphasis the present state of humans approach towards science and technology, it throws light on how people are forgetting the basics and fundamentals of science and relaying on it very blindly, it gives numerous examples on how relaying on science blinding ignoring the fundamentals can be hazardous in the big picture. - Category: Technology
  • YOU - For Country (India) ( 1634 reads)   

    Many people have sacrificed a lot for their nations and it becomes a duty of each individual also to do a little for the country without asking what the country can do for them. let individual take care of little acts like watering plants, casting right vote to right person, switch the AC/lights off when not in use. Then the change we all desire to, shall take care of it itself. - Category: Self-Improvement

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