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Author: Richard Imhoagene

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About Me: Richard Imhoagene wrote his first literature, a poem, at age 4. He's still disappointed at how terrible the piece was. That first bold step was the start of a passion that has changed his life forever. To him, art is life. "Everything yo

Articles by Richard Imhoagene:
  • Making Sense of the NYSC ( 1218 reads)   

    Like several other people, there was a period in my life when I questioned the relevance and impact of the National Youth Service Corps. In fact, I was so vocally critical of the scheme that I almost declined partaking in it. Like many others, I have asked the question 'who service epp?' especially because I have seen many Nigerians embark in the scheme and return home with no significant change.. - Category: Others
  • Our Government Has Done It Again!!! ( 1834 reads)   

    DasukiGate. Budget Missing In Action. Budget Padding. And now, The Other Room. Week in, week out, Nigeria keeps thrilling us to new melodramatic socio- political tales, spiced with comic disbelief. Just when you think you'd seen or heard it all, something else pops up. So while we laugh off the insanity, it is important to reminisce the past, ponder on the present, and do something about the future. - Category: Others
  • Our Government is at It Again!!! ( 1792 reads)   

    DasukiGate. Budget Missing In Action. Budget Padding. And now, The Other Room. Week in, week out, Nigeria keeps thrilling us to new melodramatic socio-political tales, spiced with comic disbelief. Just when you think you'd seen or heard it all, something else pops up. So while we laugh off the insanity, it is important to reminisce on these tales, ponder on them, and learn from them. - Category: Others
  • Kaduna, Crocodiles and Stomach Philosophy ( 1842 reads)   

    They say Kaduna is blessed with Crocodiles. In fact, they call it 'Croc City'. However, we don't readily see the crocs except at the zoo. Wouldn't it be lovely if the city lived up to its name? Just thinking out loud. Read my piece and tell me what you think. - Category: Others
  • Book Review: 101 Secrets to Achieving RID Nigeria Dream ( 1821 reads)   

    First time I read the book, I was angry at the author's audacity, irritated by his guts, and bewildered by his sense of authority. Who does he think he is? I thought. Now I know better. James Alex Adekunle is the conveyor and founder of Rivers in the Desert (RID) Nigeria; a graduate of Mass Communication from Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU). In this work, he reveals Nigeria in its barest form, bluntly unveiling its challenges and emphatically tells us how to surmount them. I was challenged and decided to do a review. - Category: Others
  • Mr. Righteous, Leave Trash For LAWMA ( 1364 reads)   

    While Nigerians are known for outright criticism, there is a sense of hypocrisy about how they engage in such vocal vituperations. First, they do more of talk and less of actually doing what we demand of others. It is important that Nigerians begin to act the change they want to see and not merely display expertise in socio-political analysis and criticism. - Category: Others
  • As Baba Go Slow Goes Steady ( 3184 reads)   

    It's more than six months after Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as president of Nigeria. In all this time, Nigerians have had to watch, with keen eyes, the activities of the Buhari government, and measure how much of his campaign promises he's been able to fulfill. Regrettably, Nigerians voted the man with the expectation of an instant change, seeking a quick resolution of the many problems facing the country. But Buhari's seemingly slow pace towards anything and everything has earned him the nick-name 'Baba Go Slow,' with Nigerians wondering how long they have to wait for the change they voted for. Read and enjoy! - Category: Politics
  • Baba Iyabo is at It Again! ( 3123 reads)   

    Whether you like it or not, Nigeria's history cannot be written without a mention of this man's name. He's the longest serving President/Head of state that the country have ever had, and will probably ever have. This intimidating figure knows how to pull the strings of politics, especially when you want to play dirty. Baba is a show master, and recently he performed a jaw-dropper. Enjoy! - Category: Others
  • Cheap Independence Anniversary, Sarcastically Speaking. ( 3584 reads)   

    We refuse to be fooled by Buhari's show of frugality. How much is his annual kitchen allowance? How can he embarrass us like this by budgeting a meager #70million for our Independence day celebration. Breakfast speech, March Pass, Children's Party and Owambe...all for #70million? What a disgrace! - Category: Issues
  • Nigeria, Not Yet Uhuru ( 3287 reads)   

    Buhari won the last Presidential election to become Nigeria's fourth democratically elected President since 1999. The events leading to his emergence were such that saw a majority of Nigerians clamouring for change. And like a Knight in a shiny armour, he seemed to have rode on the wings of change. Nigerians voted him, with a vast majority expecting a magical turn around of the present situation.. - Category: Politics
  • Buhari's Victory and Nigeria Future ( 2539 reads)   

    Uncertainty still fills the air over the victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. While many believe he may just be the solution to Nigeria's accumularing woes, many others are doubtful. Whatever the case, there is a sense of hope that this retired General and one-time Head of state of Africa's largest economy will do the right thing and make things better. - Category: Others
  • Nigeria @ 54: More Pains Than Gains ( 3514 reads)   

    After over five decades of self rule, the Nigerian nation seems to be revolving around a cataclysmic circle of frustration, as high hopes have been dashed over and over again. The vigor and passion with which our struggling nationalists fought for nationhood has been flawed by the current crop of leaders who display a shameful form of governance and have succeeded in plunging the nation adepth. - Category: Politics
  • Race to Aso Rock: Jonathan Vs Buhari ( 3403 reads)   

    All things being equal, President Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) of the main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) may once more be engaged in the electoral battle that will determine who eventually emerges the indisputable winner of the presidential election slated for Saturday, - Category: Politics
  • My Close Shave With Jezebel ( 4291 reads)   

    Did I almost meet my doom? Guess I did. I can't explain why I still feel the way I do though. Could I truly be in love with a devil? I hope you can help me figure it out as you read this breath-taking confessional piece... - Category: Issues
  • Letter to Uncle Jonathan ( 3387 reads)   

    Here's to our Highly misunderstood President. - Category: Others
  • Advertising and Brand Preference: Choice or Circumstance? ( 4601 reads)   

    Why would you drive past the local burger shop next door to MacDonalds that is 2kms away for a cheeseburger? Why would you always buy Macleans toothpaste in the midst of substitutes even when it is more expensive? These questions and more are what this paper intend to answer, as we scrutinize the place of advertising marketing. As a tool, advertising is perhaps, one of the most effective tools of advertising known to any salesman. It is both educative and persuasive. If well packaged, it can enhance sales and build consumer confidence in a product. However, this paper intends to find out if preference is circumstancial or simply a choice. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Brain Drain: Stealing the Great Minds of Africa's Demographic Giant ( 4131 reads)   

    For over 50 years, Nigeria has had to deal with a lot of socio-economic, socio-political and socio-ethnic issues, which have resulted in the plunge the country is headed towards today. Brain drain is yet another problem the nation contends with. As a concept, it reduces the intellectual capital of a nation and must be tackled head on. - Category: Issues
  • A Black Man in the White House: Yesterday's Dream, Today's Reality. ( 4094 reads)   

    America's political history cannot be said without recognizing the life and contributions of Martin Luther King (Jnr). His nonviolent form of civil disobedience is what has brought America to this stage of their national existence where an African American now directs her affairs as President. - Category: Politics
  • The Effects of Media Ownership on Mass Media Contents. (Part 1) ( 6377 reads)   

    As the Mass Media face tough interplay of resources and ideas hinging on the fact that there is a multiplicity of ownership in the sector. Gone are the days when the Government used to claim monopoly of the means of mass transmission of information in the country. Private individuals now compete favourably in the growing world of mass communication. What then are the implications? - Category: Others
  • Who is Fooling Who? A Look at the Nigerian Government. ( 2352 reads)   

    Nigeria is currently facing the hardest face of its political history since the end of the civil war in 1970. With Boko-Haram, Inter-religious strife, Corruption, and Extra-judicial killings, the nation is sadly on the brink of war. With all these problems, the last thing Nigerians need is a government who delights in deceiving itself and the people it serves. 'Who Is Fooling Who?' Is a statement. - Category: Others
  • Mass Media, Self-Reliance and National Development (Part 1) ( 6631 reads)   

    The Mass Media are today an informal arm of Government known as 'the fourth estate of the realm.' They have increased in scope as well as in influence. As an integral part of the country, they have an important role in the quest for self-reliance and national development. In carrying out their traditional duties of information, education, entertainment, and so on, their impact is felt considerably - Category: Others
  • Mass Media, Self-Reliance and National Development (Part 2) ( 2693 reads)   

    The Mass Media have come to assume tremendous influence in all aspects of human life over the years. In the process, they have attracted titles such as 'The fourth estate of the realm', 'Watchdog of the society', and so on. This is because they have grown to become a global tool not just for information, communication, and education, but for surveillance, correlation, and mobilization. - Category: Others

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