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  • Midsomer Murders: The Older Episodes Are So Much Better Than the Recent New Ones ( 3278 reads)   

    This is not cutting edge drama but it is a nice programme set in nice English villages most of whom are in the Thames valley are. I believe that scenes in the main town mentioned - 'Causton'? are actually filmed in Abingdon a town south of Oxford. Programmes are normally 2 hours long with adverts but there is sometimes a trend to trim the programme to 90 minutes to fit into schedules. - Category: Entertainment
  • '24' Seasons 1-8 : The New Must-See TV ( 2236 reads)   

    24 is simply amazing. I would rather watch this than anything else on TV or at the movies. From episode one I was hooked. Mainly because there are so many things happening you can't wait until the next episode to see what happens to who... - Category: Entertainment
  • Family Guy Season1-8: Arguably, One of the Best TV Shows Ever. ( 2035 reads)   

    The first time I saw this show, I thought to myself, 'This is really gonna suck,' of course, that was me back in 1999 .Fast forward to the present, and I'm watching this several weeks at a time on Adult Swim... and loving' every minute of it! This show had me cracking' up at times that I had to take breaks in between the laughter. - Category: Entertainment
  • They'll Never Stop the Simpsons Have No Fear They'll Have Storys For Years! ( 3166 reads)   

    I think this is the best motion picture, television show and animation ever. The freshness of the plot has remained consistent, the neverending gags never wear, and one could entertain himself for millenia watching repeats. For those few grains of the solar system of rice who haven't seen it, it features the lives and connected activities of the Simpson Family... - Category: Entertainment

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