The Simpsons is the best semi adult cartoon in the history of television and altho it does appeal to kids, adults love it to, Matt Groening is a complete genius for inventing this amazing show and although the new episodes suck a bit, it doesn't ruin what The Simpsons was: Here i will explain a bit about each member of the family and see where the show went by changing them!

Homer .j. Simpson: Homer is the best character because of his constant stupidity and his lack of understanding Lisa' smartness and always been outsmarting him i.e "Mental note, the girl knows to much" you can see that he is proud of all his family but at the same time doesn't want be in the same room as them! Dan Cassenella is a genius! i don't like the new Simpsons Homer because they have made him smarter and his voice sounds dumber and i cant watch it because its sad, what they've done to him!

Marge Simpson: She is the perfect housewife, does chores looks after the kids and cooks, thats Marge Simpson for you! She may have the occasional murmur but Marge is great, its funny when you that Moe has a huge crush on her and tries to hide it from Homer, but deep down i think that Homer knows! The problem now i have with this character is that Julie Kavner has made her voice sound more screechy and it kinda gets on my nerves because of that

Bart and Lisa Simpson: i want to say something about them together so i'll put them together! Bart and Lisa are a great bro and sis and sometimes i wish that i could be related to them!! Bart has always been my fav because Nancy Cartwright is amazing and even tho she does Chuckie from 'All Grown up!' and 'Rugrats' you can sometimes hear Bart when Chuckie laughs and talks, anyway the problem that i now have with Bart is what i have always hated Lisa for, being a goody two shoes and he never plays pranks anymore and now Bart bores me! Lisa is an OK character but in the early seasons her voice always went through me because it was high pitched and squeaky but over the years Yeardly Smith improved the voice and its a nice voice, Lisa hasn't really changed much except some how she knows everyone in Springfield and shes also a bit dumber as well (whats up with that), the main problem i have with these two is that they never fight as much as they used to which sucks a bit! i wont do Maggie because not much to say, except shes never init anymore she always disappears!! random!

Overall i still love this show even tho the writers have lost their touch and all they do is rehash old story lines and give it a new title, also trying to shock people i.e Making Patty in a lesbian, not very shocking, i can't believe they are making a movie, i cant wait but i think that i may be disappointed as well!!!

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