I discovered this show at the beginning of its 2nd series which was on in early 1999 and fell in love with it. The episodes were perfectly paced, acted, written and directed with some quite fantastic settings. I have been watching it since then even though it started back in 1997 or 1998.

Anyway, I have to say I have been very disappointed by a lot of the recent episodes since about 2001. In them there have been way too many plot-holes, way too many suspects and information for the audience to keep up with and understand, and the motives and killers identities are both predictable and poor. I was wondering why they had become so poor. I then noticed that the usual writer, producer and director had all changed for these episodes. The Writer was Anthony Horowitz, Producer Betty Willingale and Director Jeremy Silberston. These people don't make the episodes anymore and I have noticed a very big change in the settings, stories, pacing, suspense etc. of the new episodes and am very annoyed and disappointed by it and am starting to lose interest in the show now. Although the acting is still brilliant, the dialogue they're given is quite bad.

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Anyway, my advice to you is watch the older episodes which are written by Anthony Horowitz and directed by Jeremy Silberston. The 6 episodes which these 2 are involved in are the best by far and I can watch them over and over again. They are much easier to understand, are much more ambitious and intense, and the killer is someone you would never expect it to be. The last time a new episode written by Horowitz was shown was back in January 2000. So its been nearly 5 years since he wrote any. I also noticed that Jeremy Silberston has stopped Directing them and Betty Willingale has gone as well. These too may have had enough of the new writers as well just like me.The new producer Brian True May has hired rubbish writers who use way too complicated and silly plots and silly endings. In fact the viewing figures have dropped on the new episodes as well to about 7.5 million, whilst the ones Horowitz and Silberston have both been involved in have managed to draw over 11 million viewers for each one!

Anyway I'll still watch the new ones as I love the show to bits but certainly wouldn't watch them when they're repeated as I would do with the older ones.

Sorry, I've been rambling on for quite long enough, so my advice to you is skip all the other 30 odd episodes watch the following epsiodes if they're on or you can get your hands on them:

1. The Killings At Badgers Drift 2. Written In Blood 3. Death's Shadow 4. Stranglers wood 5. Dead Man's 11 6. Judgment Day

These episodes are form the 1998/99/00 period when it was so much better and popular.

Watch them now! PS Please come Back Anthony!

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