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Author: Navneet Kaur

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City: Gwalior | State: India

About Me: I am a dental surgeon.But i have interest in writing and i love writing short poems or articles on woman related issues or my experiences.

Articles by Navneet Kaur:
  • She Wished She Had An Affair ( 2579 reads)   

    This is about the feelings of a girl who moves from her home to a very new atmosphere of a hostel in a big city and finds herself among the young girls their. They have a different life from her because they are in relationships. With them often she feels more lonely than ever. - Category: Writing
  • From a Mother's Eyes ( 2711 reads)   

    Mother's bond with her child is hard to be defined in words. A mother's love knows no boundations. Only she can feel the joy that she experiences when she looks at the smiling faces of her children. And she is ready to do anything to keep those faces smiling. - Category: Women

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