It was Sunday evening and Nisha was standing on the terrace of her hostel, watching the busy traffic on the road. This had become a part of her routine of all Sundays as there was hardly anyone left in the hostel except her. Most of the girls went for an outing with friends, to be more precise boy friends and the few who were left, went to their relative's place. But Nisha had neither a relative there nor a boy friend. So she had no choice but to wait for her friends because after spending two hours studying in silence, she needed someone to talk to. But time drifted so slowly. She started thinking about the rest of the part of the evening when she would be with her roommates and a few others who gathered often in her room for gossiping. She wondered as she realised that she already knew what she will have to go through. She knew that most of them will narrate to her their experiences of the evening , like, a new compliment they got from their boy friend, any special comment they received or any new destination they found in the city. She had got a bit tired of all this. But again she didn't have a choice.

Nisha had moved to this city two years back for her professional course. Since then she was in this hostel with the same roommates, Amrita and Payal. Being from a small town and a bit orthodox type of family, she instantly fell in love with the city and the freedom that one can enjoy in hostels. Her roommates were nice to her. But coincidentally, both of them were in a relationship. As their intimacy grew they shared with her their love stories. Soon Nisha realised that almost all the girls in the hostel had their similar stories. When they all gathered together the talks were mostly about their boy friends, their future plans together etc. She had accepted the fact that it is all a part of culture of big cities and moreover today's generation is not ready to live a boring and lonely life. For some these relationships were serious issues, but for some it was a necessity for having good time and boosting their self-confidence . Some were very adaptable in accepting a break off and embracing a new relation within no time. Nisha had been a spectator for two years.

Sunday evening was the time when Nisha often wished that she too had an affair. But within a moment she wondered at her stupidity. How could she wish for something, just to be like others and only because she also wanted to wander in the city on Sundays? Moreover she already knew about the repercussions from her orthodox family, if she ever got into a serious relationship. She felt in a way she was lucky. Also she honestly in her heart knew that she not liked anyone in her circle till now. Maybe her expectations of a Mr perfect were too unrealistic. All these thoughts were enough to console her on all Sundays and she kept smiling.

Then came the day when Nisha felt she should have left for her home. It was fourteenth of February, the valentine day. It was celebrated like a festival by the youngsters of the city. This year too her exams were nearing and she could not go home. All events that followed were same like the previous year. All the girls had started preparations a day before. She had to help them in choosing the gift and the appropriate dress for the evening. Some would share with her their excitement. And finally all of them would leave. She will have to go on the terrace and wait. At her home she never knew the importance of this day. But here it was a different world. She knew she had spend a lot more time here and once again she wished that she too had an affair.

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