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Author: Marty Savarick

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About Me: I am a former CEO of two Publicly traded companies who is retired, and I love to write about Outrageous situations. My updated e-book "101 Ways to Stop Hating Dating" is now available thru Amazon and all other booksellers on line.

Articles by Marty Savarick:
  • Million Dollar Arm and Other Feats ( 3667 reads)   

    This blog consist of three interesting but separate stories. The first one is about the true story made into a recent successful movie named 'Million Dollar Arm,' followed by the election results of Narenda Modi becoming you new Prime Minister, and a humorous review if the election process as referenced by an American Cable News Correspondent. - Category: Entertainment
  • The Smartest Way to Retire Early ( 2060 reads)   

    Many people who have a job dream about the day that they can retire and live the life they really wish to live. It takes planning to retire and special planning to retire early. I provide the method to organize your thinking to accomplish the goal of proper, safe, early retirement. - Category: Others
  • Are You Being Lied To? Deception Detection ( 3970 reads)   

    Do you have any idea how many times you are being lied to each and every day? The number is staggering. I will show you how to detect when someone is lying to you. It is very valuable information to know, and you will have a very good chance of protecting yourself in the future. - Category: Relationships
  • The Waking-Up of India's Middle Class ( 2540 reads)   

    The voice of the emerging middle class is being heard loud and clear in India. Please follow along as I review the fairly recent history of their rise to prominence. - Category: Others
  • Needing a Better Way to Educate Our Children ( 2388 reads)   

    India's progress in education is on the upswing, but additional involvement by the best and brightest educators will enable greater advancement. - Category: Education
  • Phenomenal Natural Herbal Remedies Found Around the World ( 2982 reads)   

    There's new medical news that hasn't been properly disseminated to the worlds population. Some of it refers to new natural cures for some cancers and other diseases. The world is finally beginning to realize that natural, locally grown food without pesticides is the healthiest way to eat and live longer. - Category: Health
  • Social Media Effectiveness Vs. Conventional Advertising ( 4795 reads)   

    I use personal memories to compare conventional advertising to the amazing low cost (FREE) of using the Internet to advertise - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Turn Your Skills Into MONEY ( 4966 reads)   

    This article shows you how to revisit the skills you may have and haven't used in a while or have completely forgotten about. A long list of potential jobs or businesses to think about is included. - Category: Finance
  • The Incredible Marshmallow Theory ( 4605 reads)   

    A College Professor created a test using Marshmallows for 4 year olds which predicted their level of success. He followed them thru different stages of life to confirm his amazing findings. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • I'm Giving You a Raise ( 4969 reads)   

    Ten wonderful money saving ideas that you probably never thought of using. Whether you received a big raise or saved a like amount of money, it's still money in your pocket. - Category: Finance

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