Turn Your Skills into MONEY

Look into the mirror. What do you see? Obviously you see yourself. How would you describe yourself? It's O.K. you can talk to the mirror. Tell yourself what you know about you. Talk to yourself as long as you can. Now that you're finished, let me guess what you forgot to talk about. You didn't say how good you are as a carpenter, or a driver, or chef, or repairman, or dancer or perhaps when you think back at all the many skills you are blessed with, you will discover a whole new person. Make a list and let's see what you can do about turning those skills into money.

Not every skill can be turned into a business, but you can use them to make money. You can look for a new job that pays well with healthcare benefits and job security. Second, you can sell your skills as a well versed handyman dealing with various problems. But of all the skills you possess, some of them can be turned into a thriving business.

Building a business can be done gradually. For example, as a handyman once you become too busy to handle all the work yourself, you need to hire helpers (employees) to accomplish the tasks without turning away business. You must go slowly making sure that the people you hire are trained to be close to your skill level. You must insist on doing top quality work. Once lost, a reputation for quality and dependability is seldom regained.

A handyman business isn't the only one to look at. After you did you personal skills evaluation, you should tie that into you previous work career then think about what type of business may evolve;

A former teacher might consider a tutoring business or selling lesson plans and curriculums online.

A police officer might consider offering seminars in personal safety, or starting a security business.

A sales manager or anyone else with perception, taste and a flair for marketing could find a product that he/she really loves and sells it part-time.

It's not very easy to start a business. You must have a well defined plan. You should understand the dynamics of being a businessperson coupled with accounting and legal demands of running your own business. Most don't turn a profit for a while so you need start-up capital to fund it until you establish cash flow. Most businesses that fail do so because of lack of operating funds.

Here are some more ticklers to possible remind you of a job you could do or a business to own:
• Tour Guide
• Party Planner
• Vacation Property Rental Agent
• Freelance Writer
• House or Pet Sitter
• Laundry Service
• Dog Groomer
• Floral Designer
• Cleaning Service
• Computer Coach
• Expert Witness
• Personal Fitness Trainer
• Dance Instructor
• Music Teacher
• Sports Coach
• Resume Writer
• Grocery Shopping Service
• Limousine Service
• Non Medical Home Care
• Home Inspector
• Real Estate Appraiser
• Selling Products and Services from Home

• Selling Products and Services at Events:
- Consumer Shows
- Business to Business Shows
- Arts and Crafts Shows
- Community Events

• Baking: Cakes, Cookies for Parties or Local Events
• Medical Assistant
• Nurse
And the list goes on as far as your imagination can take it.......

In summary, now that you have a good idea of how you can make extra money, do a further review of your life and skills.
Remember we all have talents we can capitalize and make money with.

I love to write and I love to write for you. Please tell me in the comments section below what you would like to learn or read about.

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About Author / Additional Info:
I just love to write. I use my written thoughts to help others identify and solve problems. Sometimes an alternative way of looking at a situation can also be helpful. I am a former President/CEO of two American publicly traded companies in the Direct Response Marketing Industry.