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Author: Leanne Evans

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City: Powys | State: Wales

About Me: I am a female of 16 years of age who is interested in intellectual discussions on a variety of topics. I am particularly interested in discussions of world history, conspiracies and occultism.

Articles by Leanne Evans:
  • Religion- Homosexualism/ Who Really is God? ( 1907 reads)   

    Want my views on Christianity and how it has modernized over the years? Want my view on how we should be bettering ourselves rather than being too quick to judge? Then read the upcoming article. - Category: Religion
  • The Youth These Days ( 3656 reads)   

    This article covers: bullying, technology, stereotypes and some anecdotes. Be true to yourself. - Category: Issues
  • Occultism Featured in Music Videos ( 4681 reads)   

    Why do so many music videos seem somewhat Illuminati-infected? What is the ultimate reasoning for the producers including such controversial messages in the videos? And who is responsible for all of this? The artists, or the producers? This articles seeks to enlighten the reader on a few of the conspiracies that surround the modern-day music industry and to reach a non-biased conclusion. - Category: Entertainment

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