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About Me: I am sunethra. .I am in sri lanka.I studied at buddhist ladies international school.I am not working any i am trying to online work at home.

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  • Some Good Foods and Bad Foods for your Health ( 4687 reads)   

    Some foods as 'good' and others 'bad'. some foods provide more nutrition, minerals and vitamins and health benefits than others. These include whole foods, vegetables, fruits and lean meats.Common sense will answer the question about what to eat. Stop using 'instant' breakfast, and cook whole rolled oats for instance. Sure you might have to get up 10 minutes earlier, oh well. You're worth it! - Category: Food
  • Dog - The Man's Best Friend ( 4791 reads)   

    The dog has been man's best friend . Dogs are also very useful animals.dogs have also helped in scientific research.dogs can hear sounds better than men. not only they are very friendly with peoples. small children very like to play with dogs.Many of the dogs in shelters are mutts, so adopting one is a great way to help dogs in need.Most domesticated dogs generally get along well with people. - Category: Pets
  • English Throughout the World ( 3419 reads)   

    The geographical spread of English is unique among the languages of the world. English is the majority first language in twenty three countries. It is an official language in about fifty other countries. - Category: Entertainment

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