Some foods as 'good' and others 'bad'. some foods provide more nutrition, minerals and vitamins and health benefits than others. These include whole foods, vegetables, fruits and lean meats.Common sense will answer the question about what to eat. Stop using 'instant' breakfast, and cook whole rolled oats for instance. Sure you might have to get up 10 minutes earlier, oh well. You're worth it!

In Order that we may enjoy good health, It is necessary that we shpuld eat wholesome food. For food to be kept wholesome for long periods of time, it must be preserved and prevented from going bad. some times when good goes bad there are changes in colour, flavour, odour or texture. Undesirable changes in food can be brought about by bacteria, moulds and yeasts and also by substances naturally present in all plants and animals. Certain bacteria produce poisons and a severe illness called food poisoning can be caused if these poisions are swallowed.

For food to be preserved , bacteria, yeast and moulds which bring about undesirable changes must be prevented from growing , for this , an environment in which they cannot grow must be created . such an environment can be produced by various methods of food preservation such as heating , freezing, drying, using chemicals and fermentation.

Pasteurization and canning can be regarded as the two most common ways of preserving food by heating . Pasteurization was named after Louis Pasteur, the famous French scientists . In pasteurization, food is heated ti high temperatures and maintained at these temperatures long enough for moulds , yeasts and bacteria to be destroyed. Bottled milk is usually pasteurized . In canning , food is usually sealed in containers and then heated, although sometimes the food may be heated before it is sealed into cans.

Food can also be preserved by freezing . when food is frozen, all the water it contains is turned into ice. This freezing procese must be completed as quickly as possible. Chemicals such as salt , sugar and vinegar can also be used in the preservation of food. sugar is considered the most important of these chemical preservatives.

Food can also be preserved by drying and by fermentation.For example, Milk may be preserved as cheese by drying, and fruit juices as wine by fermenting with yeasts. A way of preservation food, which may powerful bacteria killing rays such as X-rays.

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