The geographical spread of English is unique among the languages of the world. English is the majority first language in twenty three countries. It is an official language in about fifty other countries. It is also used as a second language, through without official status, in countries such as Bangladesh and Malaysia The total population of these countries amounts to around 2.5 billion.about 49 percent of the worlds population.not only English is used extensively as a foreign language for international communication by people who do not ordinarily employ it when speaking or writing to their compatriots.

Most countries with second language speakers of English are former British colonies, such as India and Nigeria . English has been retained as an official language in the majority of these countries after independence because none of the indigenous languages was accepted by all citizens as the sole national language.As an official second language, English is used in a variety of public functions in government, in the law courts, in broadcasting , in the press , and in education. In many African and Asian countries it serves as the means of interpersonal communication between speakers of different indigenous languages.

The first permanent English settlement were established in the New World, beginning with the founding of jamestown in 1607.The colonial period came to an end when the American colonies rejected British rule in the War of Independence . Both before and after their independence , the Americans acquired territories that were occupied by speakers of other languages , Dutch, French, and Spanish.Only tiny factions of the populations of south Asian countries have ever had English as their first language.

By good English we may also mean language used ethically.

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