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Articles by Haripriya Munipalli:
  • 15 Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under Eyes ( 2824 reads)   

    The skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin and allows the formation of dark circles. The discoloration of skin under the eyes occurs in men and women of various age groups. The reasons for the occurrence of dark circles are lack of sufficient sleep, unhealthy diet plan, stress, aging, lifestyle, and so on. Dark circles are commonly seen in people who are tired, aged and unhealthy. - Category: Health
  • Nitrogen Metabolism is Affected by Iron Deficiency-Studied in Cucumber ( 3462 reads)   

    The deficiency of Fe has influenced the nitrogen metabolism by reducing the activity of nitrate reductase and by increasing the activity of glutamate synthase in the root and leaf of cucumber plant. - Category: Education
  • How Can You Lose Weight? ( 4001 reads)   

    The role of dieting, physical exercise and yogasanas in losing body weight is discussed here. - Category: Health
  • Events Leading to Androgenesis ( 3380 reads)   

    Androgenesis is the process of development of the sporophyte from the microspores of the Angiosperms. - Category: Others
  • How to Make Green Living Fun and Beneficial? ( 4528 reads)   

    This article discusses about how easily one can get accustomed to the green, healthy and eco-friendly living by practicing certain things in daily life. - Category: Entertainment
  • What are the Problems with Water Softeners? ( 6041 reads)   

    The water that has high mineral content in it is known as hard water. Elimination of magnesium, calcium and other positive ions of the metal from hard water is called as water softening. - Category: Technology
  • A Few Steps to Keep Your Skin Healthy ( 4312 reads)   

    If the skin has to be made clear and soft, there are certain steps to be followed that are discussed here. It is suggested to meet the doctor if the skin problems persist even after performing all the below mentioned remedies. - Category: Health
  • Dietary Supplements and their Benefits ( 3652 reads)   

    Dietary supplements are nutritive substances provided along with the diet as accessories to make the diet more nutritious. The dietary supplements have rich high quality nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. - Category: Health
  • Genetics of Breast Cancer ( 4353 reads)   

    The genetic reason for breast cancer occurrence is estimated to be five to ten percent of all the breast cancer cases. - Category: Health
  • An Overview of Nanotechnology ( 3703 reads)   

    Nanotechnology is the engineering of tiny equipment and the ability to build items from their fundamental state. - Category: Others
  • The Conversion of Solar Energy into Electric Power ( 13109 reads)   

    The efficiency of the conversion of photovoltaic cell is the measure of solar energy transformed into electrical energy through the photovoltaic device. The research involves improvement of conversion efficiency. - Category: Technology
  • Diffusion Through the Plasma Membrane ( 3578 reads)   

    Diffusion is the process of transfer of substances from the region of its higher concentration to the region of its lower concentration. - Category: Others
  • Prevention of Breast Cancer. ( 3099 reads)   

    Prevention of breast cancer begins with a healthy lifestyle that includes being physically active and reducing alcohol consumption. The risk of breast cancer can be lowered by changing the lifestyle. - Category: Others
  • Drug Types For High Blood Pressure ( 3950 reads)   

    It is important to select a suitable drug for hypertension. There are many drugs available for high blood pressure and every one of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the measure of the blood pressure, the physicians might prescribe more than one drug to treat this medical condition. - Category: Health

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