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Author: Deepankar Saha

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About Me: I am a blogger, freelancer & writer- enthusiast. My interests include entertainment, health, men, women, relationship, gadgets, technology and others. I can be contacted at

Articles by Deepankar Saha:
  • Facebook For Propelling Your Business ( 2442 reads)   

    In this article I would explain how to grow your business or increase traffic to your website through the most popular social networking 'Facebook'. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Obesity - How Hazardous For Our Health? ( 2462 reads)   

    This article is intended to focus on the health hazards caused due to obesity. If you are suffering or likely to suffer from obesity, you need to know how it affects your body. Read this article to know more about it. - Category: Health
  • A Web Browser With Built-In Antivirus and Lots More ( 4899 reads)   

    Read this article to find out about an innovative web browser with built-in antivirus and many other productive tools which make it different from any other web browsers. - Category: Technology
  • The New Apple IPhone 4 - How Worthy to Purchase? ( 2544 reads)   

    People are going crazy over the latest model of iPhone. But does it really worth a purchase? Read this article to find out the features of the most sophisticated cellphone of the Apple make. - Category: Technology
  • Self Defense For Women - Device That Can Protect You ( 3427 reads)   

    This article is intended to suggest self defense device for women which can take care of their personal safety from robbers and assaulters - Category: Women

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