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Author: Dana Greco

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About Me: Dana Greco, is a licensed psychotherapist and holds a master’s degree in social work She has completed extensive training at The Ackerman Institute for the Family and specializes in systems theory.

Articles by Dana Greco:
  • Are You Ready to Call It Quits and Throw in the Towel on Your Marriage ( 2844 reads)   

    Have you thrown up your hands and screamed 'I'm Done!' Finally you have drawn the conclusion that your marriage cannot be saved. You attempted to salvage it with long talks, marital counseling, getaways anything you can think of that might rekindle the love and connection that is so apparently lost at this point. Now what? Do not worry, help is here and growing. - Category: Relationships
  • Holiday Giving For Children ( 3743 reads)   

    During this holiday season everyone goes crazy about spending and buying gifts for their friends and loved ones. It is also a time of anxiety especially in this economic climate. Money is sparse and incomes are weary. It seems it becomes most stressful for the parents who want to give to their children and make their holiday magical. Most parents, if they could, would love to lavish their children with glorious gifts. Children are making their holiday lists and wishful dreams of that wonderful holiday time when there are gifts for them creating joy and wonder. - Category: Others
  • Shared Parenting Petition - Make a Difference in a Child's Life! ( 2705 reads)   

    Shared Parenting Petition - This bill is extremely important because if gives judges and family court magistrates the tools to be able to push shared custody instead of sole custody to one parent. This keeps both parents involved with the children instead of just one. - Category: Relationships
  • Raising the Consciousness of Post Divorce Parents ( 2729 reads)   

    So now you are divorced. You may have been divorced just recently or you may be divorced for several years. Now what? What does your life look like with children from the previous marriage and your ex? Is it what you imagined? Did you ever think how things would be? If you are like most, you did not even think about this because of all the emotions that were overwhelming you at the time... - Category: Relationships
  • When Husbands are Victims of Domestic Violence ( 4350 reads)   

    When a man is a victim of his wife's physical abuse he is both shamed by the assaults of his wife and shamed by society for not 'controlling' her better. Today, men are not made to ride backward on donkeys, but they are still considered 'wimps' for letting their wives beat them or for complaining about their wives' attacks. more... - Category: Relationships
  • Restructuring the Family After a Divorce ( 4504 reads)   

    When people get divorced there are often strong emotional feelings from the ending of their relationship. There are various reasons for this and it is extremely important for each of them to get past those feelings, forgive the other person and move on. They need to do this to becoming mentally healthy themselves and if children are involved, it becomes even more imperative for them. Children... - Category: Relationships
  • Should Post-Divorce Co-parenting Training Be Mandatory? ( 2722 reads)   

    When parents get divorced or separated, there is a tremendous amount of strain put on their new relationship and many times this becomes extremely difficult to handle. In turn, the focus on the children's mental and emotional health is greatly diminished. That's why it is extremely important for the parents to transform their relationship, which I call restructuring. It is imperative that ... - Category: Others
  • Deciding to Divorce Or Separate? Think About Mediation ( 3518 reads)   

    Your marriage may be over and you're thinking about getting separated or divorced, but do you really want to increase hostilities and battle it out with your spouse? If you each hire your own lawyers you may be in for a long fight whereby you both lose monetarily because lawyers charge by the hour. Your children will likely get caught in the crossfire and in the end nobody really benefits. - Category: Relationships
  • Signs Telling You Your Relationship is in Trouble and How to Fix It ( 4224 reads)   

    Relationships sometimes hit a stagnant point and this article explains some reasons why and ways to improve. - Category: Relationships

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