Have you thrown up your hands and screamed "I'm Done!"
Finally you have drawn the conclusion that your marriage cannot be saved. You attempted to salvage it with long talks, marital counseling, getaways anything you can think of that might rekindle the love and connection that is so apparently lost at this point. Now what?
Do not worry, help is here and growing.

Many couples have come to accept it's time to throw in the towel and consider another alternative to raising their kids together when there is so much fighting and dissent. However, they are not sure how to get started. Here are your options:
• One of you moves out of the house - This option has possible legal ramifications for the person moving out and some attorneys will tell you that you are put at a disadvantage when moving out. The obvious benefit is getting away from your spouse as quick as possible.
• Divorce - This option can be very costly ranging from $3,000 for Mediation to $30,000 for Litigation. In addition, it can be a very time consuming proposition. For more information on the differences between Litigation and Mediation, check out the youtube video link below.
• Legally Separate - This option will offer the quickest way to settle financial differences between the two of you and if drafted the right way, can be used as the document to submit when filing for divorce.

In each one of these options, there may be a time when you leave the house before the divorce or legal separation if finalized. When this situation occurs and you have children then you may need to sort out child support and child custody issues. One way to solve for this in a relatively quicker fashion is to go to Family Court. In Family Court, you can ask for custody or visitation of children, you can file an order of protection and you can file for child support. For more information and a free eBook see the link below.

If you are still confused on the direction to take or maybe you need direction on any part of the process, including Dating, Post Divorce Parenting, Mediation vs. Litigation, important things to consider before divorcing or how to file an uncontested divorce, please see the workshops page on our web site for the next available webinar on each of the subjects. The webinars offer a way you can do this in the quiet of your own home.

Remember that you are not alone and there have been many families that came to this decision and have navigated their way through by seeking the necessary guidance and support that's right for them. Do your research, ask many questions and find the experts that will inform and assist you in the aftermath of the dissolved marriage.

About Author / Additional Info:
For more information on the differences between Litigation and Mediation, check out the youtube video link below at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s17KxMc1Chg

For the free eBook, please see the link: http://www.mediationandcounseling.com/page_family_court.html