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  • Paruresis Hypnosis - Put an End to Your Suffering Now ( 3262 reads)   

    Shy Bladder Cure is a powerful new Hypnotherapy course to treat sufferers of Paruresis. Read on to discover the cutting-edge hypnosis and behavioural therapy techniques used in this highly effective audio course. - Category: Health
  • Techniques From a Cured Paruresis Patient ( 3761 reads)   

    Reprogram the negative 'self-talk' that goes on in your mind whenever you enter a public toilet. Discover the highly effective behavioural therapy used by Paruresis sufferers all over the world to successfully treat their disorder. - Category: Health
  • Paruresis Treatment - Stop Suffering in Silence ( 3082 reads)   

    There are over 17 million people who suffer from Paruresis; you don't have cope alone. Discover the unparalleled benefits of joining a support group, and how it will significantly help to alleviate your condition. - Category: Health
  • How to Get Rid of Your Bladder Shyness - Lightening the Burden ( 3445 reads)   

    Shy Bladder Syndrome can be an extremely humiliating condition causing millions to suffer and endure in silence. Discover the treatment technique used by former Paruretics to overcome their destructive disorder. - Category: Health
  • How to Overcome a Bashful Bladder - Hypnotherapy ( 2581 reads)   

    The most effective way of treating Bashful Bladder Syndrome is Hypnotherapy, however there comes a day when you must practice what you've learnt in real scenarios. Discover how the art of Systematic Desensitization gradually tackles this challenge small steps at a time. - Category: Health
  • Overcoming Shy Bladder Syndrome ( 2962 reads)   

    If you suffer from Paruresis, you're all too aware of the mind's power over the body. Discover the internal communication that goes on inside, which causes you to 'freeze up' at the crucial moment. - Category: Health

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