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Author: Carol Coleman

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City: San Jose | State: California

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Articles by Carol Coleman:
  • The Orange Dots ( 2572 reads)   

    A baseball player has a strange and funny hallucination after being hit by a ball. - Category: Writing
  • Roboroach and the Dirty Kitchen ( 2663 reads)   

    A cute fun short story about a brother, sister, a mess in the kitchen and Roboroach. - Category: Writing
  • Falsons: The Grand Conclusion ( 2799 reads)   

    The continuing story of the peregrine falcons in the skies and rooftops of San Jose, California. How many fledged? How are they all doing? Will they be back? - Category: Nature
  • My Dream and Fido ( 3617 reads)   

    A silly, crazy dream during the night startled me until I realized that Fido was there with me. - Category: Writing
  • My First Ever Cruise ( 3170 reads)   

    For all of us kids at heart. A fun short story about taking a cruise ship and finding out how fun it can be to help someone else. Making the world just a little bit better. - Category: Travel
  • Observing the Falcons ( 2755 reads)   

    We were very fortunate this year to be able to watch two peregrine falcons named Clara and Fernando in San Jose, California. As a nature lover who doesn't get much of an opportunity to get out, I became instantly fascinated. - Category: Nature

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